TCAF 2009 has come and gone.

As usual, the CCBCAA Executive attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and loved it.

Many thanks to:

– Chris Butcher, our Festival contact, for getting us a table at the Festival

– the four artists that signed and sketched at our booth: Agnes Garbowska, Marcio Takara, Alina Urusov and Kelly Tindall.

– the many people that bought prints at the show. Please note: we are nearly sold out of the 2009 Dave Sim Wolverine print. If you couldn’t attend and want one please shoot me an email at

– the artists who submitted their contributions to the Visions 2009 Wolverine art show. As some of you may know, the deadline has now been extended to Monday, September 14, 2009 as the date of the awards presentation is now the weekend of September 26-27.

– those who submitted an entry for the Gene Day Award.


Congratulations must go out to the Wright Awards winners Mariko and Jillian Tamaki (Skim), Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant webcomics) and Matthew Forsythe (collected Ojingogo webcomics). I also hear that a special award was given out to Drawn & Quarterly, who are celebrating their 20th year of operation this year.

Unfortunately, no one from the CCBCAA was able to attend this year’s DWA ceremony.

TCAF is a special event, and it was a busy one for everyone – exhibitors and attendees! We enjoy this event as much as the many myriad comic book conventions and events that our members attend.

While there is a tendency by some in the media (and some event organizers) to slag one type of event format over the other, we here at the CCBCAA think that there is room for a variety of formats — from festivals to conventions to art shows to award shows, lectures and exhibits. We support every one of them! Anything that respects creators, and connects people with comics keeps the art form going and is worthy of support.

Kevin Boyd
Co-Executive Director,
Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association


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