Daring to be Different with Joe Infurnari

infGraphic NY’s Christopher Irving talks to artist Joe Infurnari

Hailing from Canada, Infurnari came to New York after Grad School to pursue a career in the fine arts. With a painting background, Infurnari fell into comics in 2004 through a friend, and a character that merged two genres: cavemen and robots.

“I’d been living in Brooklyn for a few years, struggling as an artist and trying to do my own paintings,” Joe remembers. “A good friend of mine, Jason, had this character Caveman Robot, and this L.A. production company, Epiphany Pictures, had bought the option on the idea. We thought of ways to generate content and one of the first things we did was assemble a comic book anthology to take to San Diego. He asked me to do a short story, so I did one, and that was my first comics foray.