Talkin’ Fan Expo with Comic Book Resources.

comic_imageLast Friday, Comic Book Resources posted an interview that I (Kevin) did with CBR report Jeffrey Renaud.

One of the many other jobs that I do (aside from the JSAs, my day job as a cancer researcher and the shows in the US I attend working for CGC) is coordinating the Canadian guests as well as programming content for the Comic Book Expo at the late August Fan Expo Canada and the smaller Toronto ComiCons throughout the year so I was asked by show management to talk with CBR about this year’s Comic Book Expo.

At Fan Expo Canada, I am one of a team of coordinators and managers, and on the Comic Book Expo I work closely with International Guest Coordinator Tiziano De Santis, who deserves the credit for this year’s amazing International Guests.

The interview is very much an FYI about what the Expo is about and some of the things that are being done this year and a few guests that haven’t been officially added to the website yet are announced there, including another big name Canadian guest who hasn’t appeared at a Canadian convention in many years.