SDCCI Special Guest: Francis Manapul

manapul_francisFrancis Manapul

Artist, Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman/Batman, Adventure Comics

Francis Manapul is the acclaimed artist of DC’s new series Adventure Comics. He has also illustrated Superman/Batman, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Tomb Raider, and Witchblade, as well as a French graphic album Sept Guierrieres for Editions Delcourt. Francis was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Fueled by the comics he read as a child (Superman in particular), it was his discovery of Jim Lee’s early work that inspired him to pursue a career in comics. Other influences include Marc Silvestri, Darwyn Cooke, Michael Turner, Tim Sale, Eduardo Risso, Enrico Marini and Massimiliano Frezzato. Today he’s enjoying his ride with Geoff Johns on Adventure Comics, and is continuously trying to improve his skills…at poker. He also enjoys an In-n-Out burger—or two or three.