Canadian Comic Book Creators News from San Diego Comic Con International – Part 2

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09 – Marvel’s X-MEN Panel

“Some more catch-up, Aaron on Yanick Paquette’s art in Weapon X: “He gets to draw some of the craziest stuff you’ve ever seen in a Wolverine book.” “

Source: Comic Book Resources: CCI: Kirman and McFarlane on “Image United”

“Perhaps a better person to weigh in on the hard work going into “Image United” is Todd McFarlane, the “Spawn” creator representing 1/6th of the drawing force. “It’s easy to jump onto [‘Image United’] in theory, but then all of the sudden you get to the reality of actually having to do it,” he said about tackling the series. “It’s a bit of a nuisance in the way that everybody has a sort of 9-5 job, we’ve all got our other books that we gotta get out. These pages kind of come from heaven and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘I’ve gotta get it done. Okay, okay, I’ll get it done.’ But I’ve found that once I get to those pages, it’s a breath of fresh air.””

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09 – Marvel’s CUP ‘O JOE Panel

“A kid: “What happened to the Lizard?” Wacker: “Next February, you’re going to be really happy. So do good in school!” Story by Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo. “

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09 – The Image Comics Show

“The panel shifted back to [McFarlane] who mentioned the hallmark issue of Spawn #200—comparing his series to the likes of Cerebus because of its prolific run. He then revealed that he would also be penciling and inking the entire issue of #200 for his fans and that he hoped to bring in the other Founding Fathers of Image for pieces of flashback material.”

Source: Newsarama: SDCC 09 – Disney’s New PRINCE (of Persia)

“[Bernard] Chang chimed in that he’s biting that image for a scene in his story, and, like any Prince of Persia fan, loves the spike pit, promising some homages. “

“Cameron Stewart’s chapter has a story dealing directly with the Prince, and a slide showed some in progress work. Some of the chapters will deal with peripheral characters, however.”

“Bernard Chang’s tale will be one of Dastan himself, and Tommy Lee Edwards’ is one of Tamina, the princess who runs around with Prince during film. She’s the keeper of the sands.

Chang: “For me, I used to be a Disney Imagineer, with a degree in architecture, so I’m psyched for things like the spike pit. I look forward to the depth of world in this. It’s a lot of fun to illustrate the run-through of this rich world and environment.””

“Tom Fowler will be drawing the larger framing sequence. “

Source: /Film: Comic-Con: Scott Pilgrim, the Video Game!

“This had to happen. I hoped that word would ’slip out’ during the “Spotlight on Bryan Lee O’Malley” panel today at Comic Con. That didn’t happen, as the panel focused more on O’Malley’s art and history (entirely appropriate, really) but Attack of the Show broke the news, so it’s out in the wild. Hooray! UbiSoft is making a Scott Pilgrim video game to coincide with the release of Edgar Wright’s film. It’s a downloadable side-scrolling old-school beat-em-up. Sounds like a good way to get some of the scenes that didn’t make it into the film onto screens anyway. This is a ’soft’ announcement; expect more details from UbiSoft next week.”

Congratulations to Ian Boothby (Writer, and Canadian), Nina Matsumoto (Penciller), and Andrew Pepoy (Inker) for their Eisner Award win under the Best Short Story category, for their story “Murder He Wrote” in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #14, published by Bongo Comics. (Source: The Beat: Eisner Award Winners)