Steve Rolston interviewed at The Fabler Blog

Ghost Projekt Preview by Steve Rolston
Ghost Projekt Preview by Steve Rolston

Source: The Fabler Blog

Kevin de Vlaming (of The Fabler Blog) has posted an interview with Steve Rolston.

The Fabler interviewed Rolston about Emiko Superstar, his early inspirations, and his upcoming comic Ghost Projekt (with Joe Harris). He also shared some insight on his experiences teaching a course on comic book production at Van Arts, along with a few words of wisdom that he imparts to his students each semester.

The interview is below:

KD: What are the earliest comics you can remember taking an interest in?

SR: I used to read a lot of Archie when I was a little kid. I also used to read Alf comics, and Madballs – stuff like that. That’s the earliest stuff I can remember. Then of course, like a lot of kids, I stopped reading comics for a few years until I was a teenager. That’s when I really got into it. But Archie definitely planted the seeds.

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