Back from San Diego

After a grueling day of travel, I’m slowly getting things back to normal after the five-day San Diego gauntlet. I’m afraid that since I was booth-bound for the majority of the show I wasn’t able to gather up much intel (and the stuff that I did is not my place to announce), but I did see a lot of Canadians around the show and had some great talks with people in different aspects of the industry.

I do have some news that I’ll be sharing shortly about the ceremony location.

I did manage to snag for myself one of the snazzy limited edition numbered versions of Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter and read that on the plane home and loved it. In honour of the book I picked up DVD copies of Point Blank and Payback (two Hollywood versions of the same Westlake novel).

I also got a copy of Boom!’s limited edition Incredibles hardcover.