Comics and graphic novels programming at Word on the Street

Over at Sequential, Max Douglas has posted the comics and graphic novel programming information for Word on the Street Toronto, September 27, 2009. Max and Bryan Munn will be moderating a few of the panels directly. The Comics and Graphic Novel tent is sponsored by The Beguiling.

Please note that this takes place the day after the presentation of the Joe Shuster Awards on Saturday, September 26.

I will be representing the JSAs (with a giant target on my forehead) on the following panel with just about everyone involved with the Doug Wright Awards:

3:00 – 4:00 :: Sequential Presents: Oh, Canada. Surveying the Landscape of Canadian Comics
What does it mean to be a Canadian graphic novelist? What is the state of Canadian comics & graphic novels, and what is its future? Just what makes a comic Canadian anyway? Join Bryan Munn and Salgood Sam, editors of Sequential, the Canadian comics, news and culture blog as they discusses the state of Canadian comics. Joining them will be representatives of Canada’s dual national cartooning awards, Brad Mackay and Jeet Heer from The Doug Wright Awards and Kevin Boyd from The Joe Shuster Awards, as well as a few as yet unnamed award-winning Canadian comics creators.