Comics and the Ancient World / Paganism in Pop Culture

On Saturday, October 17th, 2009 the Ontario Classical Association meeting is being held in Stratford, ON. This meeting is a public event (non-members price $65) and serves as an opportunity for professional development for both teachers and professors, focusing on a broad topic with wide appeal.

Of special interest to the comic community, and the role of comics in educational settings, there are two papers being presented:

Dr. George Kovacs will be presenting on the Age of Bronze series by Eric Shanower, and its usefulness as a means of teaching about the Classical world.


Jennifer Stewart, Latin teacher and owner of The Dragon, will be presenting on the role of mythology in the rise of the superhero; An examination of Classical allusions in Golden Age comics.

Other presentations:

Elizabeth Ellison will be presenting in the unexpected places one can find Classics in modern entertainment (particularly in films which do not seem to have Classical themes).

Gerry Schaus will be presenting on the representation of the archaeologist in film, and how the film archaeologist does / does not capture the reality of archaeological endeavour.

Finally, Antoni Cimilino, the Director of the Stratford Festival, will be speaking to us about the importance of Classics in modern theatre.