Various things that happened last weekend…

Darwyn Cooke: Noir and Beyond:

Comic Book Daily has put up a great gallery of photos from the event, and promise that they will be posting their interview with Darwyn soon.

One of the pieces on display was the cover to Absolute DC: The New Frontier
One of the pieces on display was the cover to Absolute DC: The New Frontier

Organizers report that the event was a big success, and that many pieces sold at the event – including the cover to DC: The New Frontier #6, the Toronto Star ad for Fan Expo Canada, the cover to Comics Festival 2007, the cover art to Jonah Hex #33 and some other misc. pieces.

We also want to take time to thank Darwyn Cooke for the donation of a portion of the proceeds made from the sale of some commissions to the 2010 Joe Shuster Awards.

Speaking of Comic Book Daily, last week they posted an interview with Ramon Perez. and today they posted a profile on the Harry Kremer Retailer Award-winning Happy Harbor Comics.


The Big Apple Comic-Con took place last weekend – it was great to see Canadian creators Leo Leibelman, Laurie B. and Alvin Lee. Of course the biggest Canadian guest was Captain Kirk himself – William Shatner.

I spent most of the weekend sick from allergies (Pier 94 is quite dusty and looks like it’s under construction, with some serious heating and ventilation problems – especially on a cold and rainy weekend).

The big buzz around the con was the scheduling of the Big Apple Comic-Con 2010 on the same weekend as the already announced New York Comic Con on October 8-10 as well as the ejection of some Reed employees that attended the Wizard show.