Angora Napkin cartoon preview – Teletoon Online – 1 week only!

n159449253869_7003Troy Little writes:

Hey gang, the ANGORA NAPKIN pilot cartoon is now online for ONE WEEK ONLY!!!! With your help and heaps of good feedback on the Teletoon site we hope to bring this show to full series!

We hope you enjoy the show! Pimp this show to your friends and get them in on the fun!

Troy & Nick

(Media PR below in case you have no idea what I’m talking about)


October 30, 2009

Angora Napkin Pilot to Broadcast on Teletoon Online

Charlottetown – Angora Napkin, the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Troy Little (published by IDW Publishing) has been adapted into an animated pilot, which will be streaming online the week of October 30th to November 5th at

As part of Teletoon’s Detour Pilot Project, Angora Napkin was one of ten pilots selected from over 200 submission from across Canada in an effort to encourage new comedic voices in the Canadian animation community and possibly find new programming for Teletoon’s evening and night time line-up aimed at adults aged 18-34.

A unique musical bubble-gum pop trio, Angora Napkin is a band unlike any other composed of three sexy girls Beatrice, Molly, Mallory. Attracting trouble along with the macabre, the girls always seem to come out on top with the help of their impromptu peppy songs and inability to see the dark side of any situation, no matter how menacing.

Angora Napkin is the creation of graphic novelist Troy Little and animation filmmaker Nick Cross. Originally conceived of as a cartoon series in 1997, the project lay dormant until 2008 when IDW Publishing took an interest and published Angora Napkin as a hard cover graphic novel. Soon after the project was brought full circle when it was chosen to be part of the Detour’s Pilot Project. The animated pilot was produced by Mugisha Enterprises in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

“Unlike many cartoons, Angora Napkin was a creator driven project with both Nick and myself doing much of the work.” says Little, “We were given an unprecedented amount of creative freedom bringing this show to life and I think fans of the graphic novel will find nothing has been watered down; all the sex, violence and innuendo are firmly in place. It’s a quirky show like nothing else out there and I hope it resonates with both comic and animation fans. We’re counting on lots of positive feedback online to bring Angora Napkin to full series potential!”

More information on Angora Napkin can be found at and the pilot can be viewed online at for one week beginning October 30th.

The animated teaser for the pilot can be found on Youtube at:


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