Broken Pencil presents: Death Match

Press Release:

Broken Pencil presents… Indie Writers Deathmatch III

Now Accepting Submissions Online! North America’s Fiction Battle Royale is Back!

The world’s bloodiest fiction contest is back. It’s a bare-fisted fight to the finish (because it’s tough to type with boxing gloves on); one writer will emerge victorious and the rest will be pulverized and smeared all across the Internet for our amusement – so send us your best stuff for the chance to win kick-ass prizes and eternal notoriety.

45,000 Readers From Around the World

Last year’s Deathmatch drew an astounding 45,000 hits to our Online Arena. Fans from all across the planet voted for their favourite story in the culture’s bloodiest fiction contest. This year’s battle should prove to be just as violent! Plus, for the first time this year we’re introducing colour commentary from notable authors to encourage the competitors, rile up the audience, and provide a running narrative on the contest.

Do you have what it takes? Don’t be a wimp-ass. Enter your story now at
Deadline is December 31, 2009.

Will You Be the Winner?
Should you prevail in this gruelling literary fight to the finish, you will be the Champion of Deathmatch III and take home $300 cash, plus a Broken Pencil prize pack worth $300, publication in Broken Pencil magazine, and deep psychological scarring – which, lets face it, is inevitable when 50,000 people on the internet tell you what they think of your writing. (The top three runners-up will also get published in Broken Pencil Magazine and receive standard payment.)

How It Works

The winning story will be decided by Broken Pencil readers themselves, through a vote on the official magazine website. It’s a literary fight to death: the Broken Pencil Indie Writers Deathmatch!

But first, the top eight submissions will be selected by the Broken Pencil fiction editors Hal Niedzviecki, Richard Rosenbaum and Brooke Ford. Once we’ve chosen the top eight from all the contest entries, we’ll post the contest schedule. Then it’s up to you! Each week, two stories will be pitted against each other in the online arena, where anyone and everyone can read them and vote on which one deserves to reign supreme. The authors will be in constant communication with their audience through a blog which they can use to hype up their own story, or talk trash their opponent’s writing. The winning story moves on to the next round until there are only two stories left, battling it out for ultimate victory!

When the dust settles, only one surviving story will be declared the winner; the bruised but triumphant writer will have his or her story published in Broken Pencil’s upcoming Fiction Issue, as well as $300 cash and a Broken Pencil prize pack! This is an opportunity like no other for writers who want to prove that they have what it takes to make it in the inexorable domain of indie culture. The stories that come in 2nd, 3rd and 4th will also be published in the Fiction section of Broken Pencil. Their authors will also receive the standard payment for publication in the magazine.

Questions: email or call 416 204 1700.

Indie Writers Deathmatch is an annual event organized by Broken Pencil, the Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts. Broken Pencil, PO Box 203, Station P, Toronto, ON M5S 2S7 Canada