Happenings: Marc Bell & Amy Lockhart Canadian Tour

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Hot Potatoe & Dirty Dishes: Marc Bell & Amy Lockart On The Road

Y’know, take off fans, Amy Lockhart and Marc Bell are traveling as far as ever a puffin flew, eh. They hit the 401 this week and travel down to Trawna, and then to London, and back to Montreal.

Friday, November 20th | MAGIC PONY GALLEY | Toronto | 7 PM

Wednesday, November 25th | FOREST CITY GALLERY | London | 9 PM | Blackshire Pub

Friday, November 27th | LIBRAIRIE D+Q | Montreal | 7 PM

In 2010, they’ll go as far as the CPR will take them perhaps to Sackville, Halifax and St Johns…that’s right people NOOFUNLAN! That’s how much they love Canada, they are traveling to the Maritimes in the winter!

Marc Bell
Amy Lockhart