J. Bone talks DC Super Friends.

Thanks to CBR for running this interview.

J. Bone Super Friends cover

CBR asks: you’ve been committed to “Super Friends” now for more than two years. What freedoms does working on an all-ages book allow? Any restrictions?

J. responds: “I think the freedom the book has is that it’s not part of DC continuity. The book is free from crossovers – could you imagine “Blackest Night,” which I’m thoroughly enjoying in the “Green Lantern” books, taking place in “Super Friends?” You’d have to ask Sholly (Super Friends editor) when it comes to writing, but it does seem to me that he’s free to use any number of older DC villains… and the more bizarre the costume, the better they fit into a kid-friendly universe.”

“A lot of my friends have kids now, as well. I was a guest at a recent convention here in Toronto, and what I liked best was the number of kids stopping by my table. DC sends me a nice little box of comps for each issue I draw, and I happily give them to any kid willing to take a free comic book.”

J. Bone Super Friends cover

CBR asks: Are you working on anything else these days?

J. responds: “As I mentioned, I do regular illustration work for a few Canadian publications like Owl, Chirp and ChickaDee, as well as for children’s text books. I draw pretty much every day, and have managed to find that happy balance of drawing for work and drawing for fun. It helps a lot that most of my work is also fun.”

J. Bone Super Friends cover