Kalman Andrasofszky is a Dazzler

In a CBR interview with writer Jim McCann, we find out that Kalman Andrasofszky will be handling the art chores on a new Dazzler one-shot!

CBR News: You’re working with artist Kalman Andrasofszky on this one-shot. What’s it like working with him? What do you feel he brings to this book as an artist?

Jim McCann: Aside from sheer awesomeness?! More awesome. I loved his work on “NYX,” so I was thrilled when I found out we were working together on this. There are specific things I wrote in just for him because I feel there’s an energy and composition that Kalman can bring to a page that fit this book and these characters perfectly.

Seriously, look at that cover and you’ll realize Kalman understands Dazzler. There are a lot of layers in that one image alone and when you see what he brings to the table for the story, you’ll be blown away!

So Dazzler is back! I’ll have to check my bookshelf for my copy of Dazzler: The Movie (sadly, not a real movie).