Happy New Year! 2014 marks 10 years of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards

cropped-541599031_dcca9f97ab.jpgIn Spring 2005 the first annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators was held at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon and a lot of great books and talent have been honoured over the decade since then.

As 2013 draws to a close, please join us as we present an overview of 9 years worth of Joe Shuster Award Winners.

Note that some winners in 2005-2008 were selected by public voting. In 2009 all categories became jury selected.

2005 – Darwyn Cooke for DC: The New Frontier (DC Comics)
2006 – Bryan Lee O’Malley for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2 (Oni Press)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke for The Spirit (DC)
2008 – Jeff Lemire for Essex County Books 1 and 2 (Top Shelf)
2009 – Dave Sim for Glamourpuss (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
2010 – Michel Rabagliati pour Paul, tome 06: Paul à Québec (La Pastèque)
2011 – Tin Can Forest for Baba Yaga and the Wolf (Koyama Press)
2012 – Ramon Perez for Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
2013 – Jeff Lemire for Sweet Tooth (DC/Vertigo) and The Underwater Welder (Top Shelf)

2005 – Kaare Andrews for Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One (Marvel)
2006 – Pia Guerra for Y the Last Man (DC/Vertigo)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone for Batman/The Spirit (DC)
2008 – Dale Eaglesham for Justice Society of America (DC)
2009 – David Finch for Ultimatum (Marvel)
2010 – Stuart Immonon for Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers (Marvel)
2011 – Francis Manapul for the Flash, Adventure Comics and Superman/Batman (DC)
2012 – Stuart Immonen for Fear Itself (Marvel)
2013 – Isabelle Arsenault pour Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque)

2005 – Samm Barnes for Doctor Spectrum (Marvel MAX)
2005 – Ty Templeton for The Batman Adventures (DC)
2006 – J. Torres for Teen Titans Go! and Legends of the Dark Knight (DC) and Love as a Foreign Language (Oni)
2007 – Darwyn Cooke for Superman Confidential (DC)
2008 – Cecil Castellucci for the PLAIN Janes (DC/Minx)
2009 – Mariko Tamaki for Emiko Superstar (DC/Minx) and Skim (Groundwood Books)
2010 – Maryse Dubuc pour Les nombrils, tome 04: Duels de belles (Dupuis)
2011 – Émilie Villeneuve pour La fille invisible (Glénat Québec)
2012 – Kurtis J. Wiebe for The Green Wake and The Intrepids (Image Comics)
2013 – Fanny Britt pour Jane, le renard & moi (La Pastèque)

ACHIEVEMENT 2005, 2008
2005 – Dave Sim and Gerhard for the completion of Cerebus. Begun in 1977, this 300-issue series is a milestone in comic book publishing and is the longest running creator-owned comic book series
2008 – David Watkins for using comics as a teaching tool.

PUBLISHERS 2005-2011
2005 – Arcana Studio
2006 – Drawn & Quarterly
2007 – Drawn & Quarterly
2008 – Drawn & Quarterly
2009 – Les 400 Coups/Mécanique Générale
2010 – La Pastèque
2011 – Koyama Press

2006 – Brian K. Vaughan
2007 – Brian K. Vaughan
2008 – Ed Brubaker

2007 – Dan Kim
2008 – Ryan Sohmer and Lar De Souza
2009 – Cameron Stewart
2010 – Karl Kerschl
2011 – Emily Carroll
2012 – Emily Carroll
2013 – Michael DeForge

Favourite Overall Creator – English Language Publications 2007-8
2007 – Dan Kim
2008 – Faith Erin Hicks

Favourite Overall Creator – French Language Publications 2007-8
2007 – Michel Rabagliati
2008 – Philippe Girard

2008 – Steve Skroce
2009 – Niko Henrichon
2010 – Darwyn Cooke
2011 – Fiona Staples
2012 – François Lapierre
2013 – Mike Del Mundo

COLOURISTS 2008-2011
2008 – Dave McCaig
2009 – François Lapierre
2010 – Nathan Fairbairn
2011 – Julie Rocheleau

2009 – Kean Soo for Jellaby Vol. 1 (Hyperion)
2010 – Svetlana Chmakova for Nightschool: The Weirn Books (Yen Press)
2011 – Scott Chantler for Three Thieves Book 2 (Kids Can Press)
2012 – Paul Roux pour Ariane et Nicolas Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses (Les 400 Coups)
2013 – Jo Rioux for Cat’s Cradle Volume 1: The Golden Twine (Kids Can Press)

2009 – Jesse Jacobs for Blue Winter, Shapes in the Snow
2010 – Ethan Rilly for Pope Hats #1
2011 – John Martz for Heaven All Day
2012 – Dakota McFadzean for Ghost Rabbit
2013 – Cory McCallum, Matthew Daley for The Pig Sleep: A Mr. Monitor Case

2005 – Now & Then Books (Kitchener, ON)
2006 – Strange Adventures (Halifax, NS)
2007 – Happy Harbor (Edmonton, AB)
2008 – Big B Comics (Hamilton, ON)
2009 – Legends Comics and Books (Victoria, BC)
2010 – The Beguiling (Toronto, ON)
2011 – Planete BD (Montreal, QC)
2012 – The Silver Snail (Toronto, ON)
2013 – Heroes Comics (London, ON)

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame
2005 Joe Shuster (1914-1992)
2005 Leo Bachle (aka Les Barker) (1926-2003)
2005 Adrian Dingle (1911-1974)
2005 Hal Foster (1892-1982)
2005 Ed Furness (1911-2005)
2005 Rand Holmes (1942-2002)
2006 Jon St. Ables (1912-1999)
2006 Owen McCarron (1929-2005)
2006 Win Mortimer (1919-1998)
2006 Dave Sim (1956-)
2007 Albert Chartier (1912-2004)
2007 Gerald Lazare (1927-)
2007 Jacques Hurtubise aka ZYX (1950-)
2007 Gene Day (1951-1982)
2008 Ted McCall (1901-1975)
2008 Pierre Fournier (1949-)
2008 Stanley Berneche (1947-)
2008 John Byrne (1950-)
2009 George Menendez Rae (1906-1992)
2009 Real Godbout (1951-)
2009 Ken Steacy (1955-)
2009 Diana Schutz (1955-)
2010 Richard Comely (1950-)
2010 Dave Darrigo (1954-)
2010 George Freeman (1951-)
2010 Serge Gaboury (1954-)
2010 Deni Loubert (1951-)
2010 Jean-Claude St. Aubin (1951-)
2011 Chester Brown (1960-)
2011 Todd McFarlane (1961-)
2012 No Inductees Selected
2013 Murray Karn (1924-)
2013 Vernon Miller (1912-1974)
2013 Arn Saba (Katherine Collins) (1947-)


7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards: Winners Announced

The 7th Annual Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards were presented at a public ceremony held on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with hosts Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson. Joe Shuster Awards 2011 ceremony audio

THE RESULTS: Continue reading

7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards – June 18, 2011 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo



Ceremony Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2011 – 6-8 PM

Ceremony Hosts: AJAY FRY and TEDDY WILSON

Ceremony Location: Boyce Theatre, BMO Round-Up Centre, Calgary, AB


How Do I/How Did I Get Nominated for a Joe Shuster Award?

40 Days left…

It's CRUNCH time!

… and the four unique juries are all hard at work looking at all of the books and comics.

It’s hard to believe that we are a mere 40 days and forty nights away from the presentation of the 7th annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian Comic Book Creators on Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

As the only National comics award to embrace and include all types of comics and graphic novels produced by Canadians, we’re really quite stoked about being able to present the awards in Western Canada for the first time and the fine folks at the Calgary Expo have been great with helping us out and being our host con.

10 awards are being presented for Outstanding Canadian Comics & Graphic Novels:

– Artist
– Writer
– Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)
– Colourist
– Cover Artist
– Publisher

Note: For the 6 categories listed above, the comics the creators are being honoured for had to be published for the first time in either French or English during the 2010 calendar year. They also had to be professionally distributed through existing channels of distribution, such as Diamond Distributors, Inc.


– Outstanding Webcomics Creator / Creative Team (for new content available online in 2010)

– The Harry Kremer Retailer Award

– The Gene Day Self-Publisher Award (for self-published, non-professionally distributed original content print comics first made available in 2010)

– The Comics for Kids Award (professionally distributed original books that debuted in 2010 and are aimed at readers 14 years of age and younger)

As well, two Hall of Fame induction presentations will take place – for CHESTER BROWN and TODD McFARLANE.

We’ve received confirmation that a number of nominees will be in attendance at the Calgary Expo this year, including Scott Chantler, Francis Manapul, Jeff Lemire, Stuart and Kathryn Immonen, J. Torres, Jim Zubkavich, Connor McCreery, Kate Beaton, Sylvain Lemay, Fiona Staples, Camilla D’Errico, and Connor Willumsen. Things are looking good for James Stokoe, Emily Carroll and Cameron Stewart to also be there for the event in June, and we’ll hopefully be confirming a few more creators will be present.

Over the next month as things get finalized we’ll be letting you know about our 2011 hosts and other significant details about the 2011 Joe Shuster Awards!

Uh oh… comic sales down 23% in 1/11 compared to 1/10

Diamond released some sales stats today, and it isn’t pretty, ICV2 always provides some great analysis.

As feared, January 2011 saw a huge drop in new product sales ordered through Diamond Distribution. Compared to January 2010 units ordered are down a whopping 23% and dollars earned on new comics are down a comparable 22%. Even more surprising was the nearly 20% drop in graphic novel sales (19% units and 16.5% dollars)….

I had a bad feeling about January and February based on a look through the Previews offerings, so I’m not shocked at these results. There weren’t a lot of great new comics and graphic novels offered in January and February.

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NomCom Selections (Note: this is NOT the final nominees list)


Our Nominating Committees have been working since the fall, looking over the LONG lists of eligible creators and their comics that came out in 2010. Earlier in January, we received their selections for the categories of Artist, Cartoonist, Colourist, Cover Artist and Writer. You’ll find below the full list of creators nominated in each category – ultimately seven creators in each category were selected to make the final ballot (which will be released to the public in early February). Webcomics was selected by a different group, but their list of overall nominees is also included here.

Please note: it’s the unfortunate nature of competitions such as these awards that we must narrow down the selection field for the jury to a handful of creators. Not being selected for the final ballot does not by definition mean the creator’s work was not good or worthy. It is clear that members of the nomcom felt that all of the following creators produced Outstanding comics in 2010, however, only the creators selected by process-driven consensus advanced to the ballot.

The Participants – these individuals were selected based on their access to, and awareness of, comics published in 2010 and the Canadian comics scene.

Jeff Brown
Ty Buttars
Peter DeCourcy
Kevin de Vlaming
Kelly Dowd
Jonathan Ellis
Stephen J. Hodges
Mike Jozic
Troy Wilson
Leonard S. Wong
Sarrah Young

Eric Bouchard
Laurent Boutin
Martin Dubé
David Kelly
Patrick Marleau

Everything was overseen by Robert Haines and Kevin Boyd

Here’s the overall list of who they selected for consideration.  LIST AFTER THE CUT:

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Joe Shuster Awards update 1/26

We’re a little under a week from the big announcement and here’s where we stand:


PUBLISHER – Nominees Selected

HARRY KREMER RETAILER – 10 finalist stores selected

GENE DAY SELF-PUBLISHER – in process, deadline for books to be received is Friday, Jan 28th

WEBCOMICS – Nominees Selected

HALL OF FAME – 2011 Inductees selected

COMICS 4 KIDS – Books Selected

Sadly, it looks like our plans for a unique GRAPHIC NOVEL award are not going to bear fruit. Logistics, selection issues and budget concerns are going to put this idea back on the shelf.

Somehow it all just comes together in the end… JSA Update 1/16

* Originally posted on 1/14 – revised and updated 1/16

The English nominating committee has submitted their choices for the categories of Artist, Cartoonist, Colourist, Cover Artist & Writer. All entries have been received and tabulated and we have our nominees for 2011.  Our five member French nominating committee got started a little later this year on the same categories — they have an extra 2 weeks to make their selections. In the end we will be looking at an average of 7 nominees per category – 5 English, 2 French. Although we would prefer to have five nominees per category, we feel it’s a fair split and gives proper representation to the two main Canadian comics traditions.

Our deadline for the Publisher and Webcomics selections is next Wednesday, January 19.

We’ve decided that the proposed Executive Choice Graphic Novel Award is not the way we want to go, as it would undermine the importance of our core awards. However, there is talk of making it into something different which I think is actually much better in the long run. Stay tuned on that.

Our Gene Day Self-Publisher Award committee has a few late admissions to review – please note that we are still accepting books until the end of the month. We have been assembling our choices based on what we have reviewed, we’ll bump them around if there are new arrivals that the committee likes.

The Comics for Kids administrators are, as far as I know, hard at work picking their selections.

The 2 Hall of Fame inductees for 2011 have been selected.

10 Canadian Retailers have been selected for further evaluation by the Harry Kremer Retailer Award committee. They will be notified this month and announced in early February. They will be asked to submit further materials for evaluation in the spring to narrow the field down to a top 5.

Happy New Year! 7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards Process Update

Welcome to 2011! Now that the new year has begun we are ready to kick into action and officially start the process that will be completed on the evening of Saturday, June 18th at the Calgary Comic Expo!

Between now and early February we will be selecting the nominees for the many of the Award categories. Here’s an update:

– Our 15 member nationwide English nominating committee for the following awards (Artist, Writer, Cartoonist, Cover Artist, Colourist) have been given a list of eligible comics and creators and cover images and will be selecting their choices between now and the end of the month.

– Our 3 member French nominating committee for the same awards begin the same process this coming week.

– Our Kremer Retailer Award Committee has selected 10 retailers from across Canada who are in the running for the Retailer Award. They will be contacted this month and they will be asked to provide more information and complete a survey. The responses will allow our committee to narrow the list of 10 down to 5 in the spring.

– the Comics for Kids Award team has their list of eligible books

– the Webcomics selection team has their list of eligible sites, and we are narrowing down the selections for Outstanding Publisher

– we have received over 100 entries for the Gene Day Award, and from these we will be narrowing down the choices for the February announcement (much earlier than in previous years)

– the Hall of Fame committee has been discussing potential inductees for 2011 (in order to be eligible the creator would have had to have at least one project published professionally prior to December 31, 1985)

– we are putting the final touches on our Executive Choice Graphic Novel Award, and I hope to have more news on that in mid-January.

So overall, I am happy to report that we are on track to have our best year yet! I cannot thank our team enough for their contributions this year and last. Associate Director Robert Haines is to be particularly commended for the work he has done in gathering information on and communicating with Canadian comics retailers across the country. Our outgoing releases manager Jason Truong (whose last official day was yesterday) is to be commended for gathering information on the weekly releases and for updating our creator database, we are hard pressed to replace him and we will suffer for his absence, but we will do our best. Our art director, founding member Tyrone Biljan and our publisher liaison Allison Covey also deserve special recognition for their efforts last year and will have their jobs cut out for them when we get our list of nominees for the 7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards next month.

Until then, all the best to you and yours! Happy New Year!

Kevin A. Boyd
Executive Director

December 30th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

Batman: The Dark Knight #1 Cover by David Finch

*NOTE* The funny books ship on Thursday this week, because of the holidays that just past.

Action Comics #896
DC US$3.99
Colours by Brad Anderson and Dave McCaig. Cover by David Finch.

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #4
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork and Cover by Kaare Andrews.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Batman: The Dark Knight #1
DC US$3.99
Written, Artwork and Cover by David Finch.

Elephantmen #29 Cover by Camilla d'Errico

Bigfoot GN
D+Q, $19.95
Translation of Jimmy et le Bigfoot by Pascal Girard

Elephantmen #29
Image US$3.50
Artwork and Colours by Marian Churchland. Cover by Camilla d’Errico.

Nemesis #4
Marvel/ICON US$2.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

New Mutants #20
Marvel US$2.99
Artwork by Leonard Kirk.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #4 Cover by Kaare Andrews

Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition Complete First Series Trade Paperback
UDON Entertainment US$59.99
Written by Ken Siu-Chong. Artwork by Alvin Lee, Kaare Andrews, Noi Sackda, Omar Dogan, Scott Hepburn, Eric Vedder, Adrian Alphona. Inks by Crystal Reid. Colours by Christine Choi.

Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition Complete Second & Third Series Trade Paperback
UDON Entertainment US$59.99
Written by Ken Siu-Chong. Artwork by Alvin Lee. Inks by Crystal Reid.

Teen Titans #90
DC US$2.99
Variant Cover by Karl Kerschl.

Teen Titans #90 Variant Cover by Karl Kerschl

Transformers: The Best Of Starscream Trade Paperback
IDW US$19.99
Artwork by Alex Milne.

What If? #200
Marvel US$4.99
Artwork by Dale Eaglesham.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Widowmaker #2
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Jim Charalampidis.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men Forever 2 #14 Cover by Tom Grummett

X-Men Forever 2 #14
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Tom Grummett.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men: To Serve And Protect #2
Marvel US$3.99
Story Written by Ray Fawkes. Inks by Craig Yeung.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Action Comics #896 Cover by David Finch

MTV Geek’s Top Comics Lists of 2010

Well, we’ve heard from MTV Splash Page, so now it’s time to hear from MTV Geek and… guess what… Canadians!


#10: Revolver
#9: Tumor (Archaia) Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Artist: Noel Tuazon
#8: A God Somewhere
#7: Moving Pictures (Top Shelf)  Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Artist: Stuart Immonen
#6: The Acme Novelty Library Vol. 20 (Drawn and Quarterly)
#5: Return of the Dapper Men
#4: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (Oni Press) Writer/Artist: Bryan Lee O’Malley
#3: Syndrome
#2: X’ed Out
#1: Richard Stark’s Parker Book 2: The Outfit (IDW Publishing) Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke


#10 Simon Bisley
#9 David Finch
#8 Brian Bolland
#7 Skottie Young
#6 J.H. Williams III
#5 Dustin Nguyen
#4 Alex Ross
#3 Mike Mignola
#2 Salvador Larroca and Rian Hughes
#1 Dave Johnson


#10: Amazing Spider-Man
#9: American Vampire
#8: Strange Tales II (Marvel Comics) Featuring the work of Jeff Lemire, Kate Beaton, James Stokoe, Michael DeForge
#7: Sweet Tooth (Vertigo) By Jeff Lemire
#6: B.P.R.D.
#5: Daytripper
#4: Joe the Barbarian
#3: Morning Glories
#2: Chew
#1: Batman & Robin (DC) Featuring artwork by Cameron Stewart

MTV Splash Page announces their selections for the Best of 2010

MTV Splash Page’s BEST OF 2010: Comic Books, Webcomics, And Graphic Novels
The list includes a couple of entries by Canadians:

“Orc Stain” by James Stokoe (Image Comics)
If you’re not reading writer and illustrator James Stokoe’s impossibly detailed fantasy epic “Orc Stain,” you’re missing out on one of the best monthly titles currently on stands. Set in a world populated by vicious orcs and other snarling beasts, “Orc Stain” tells the tale of One-Eye, a jaded orc who can crack any safe with one tap of his trusty hammer. One-Eye’s continued attempts to carve out a slice of normalcy for himself in an otherwise blood-strewn world isn’t just a relatable tale, it’s an eye-melting one thanks to Stokoe’s remarkable attention to detail on the visual and world-building levels.
– JW

“Parker: The Outfit” by Darwyn Cooke (IDW Publishing)
Last year, we basically invented this category to call out one of our favorite books of the year, Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning adaptation of “Parker: The Hunter,” the first “Parker” novel by Richard Stark (the pen name of author Donald Westlake). This year, however, we found ourselves faced with a number of books that not only fit the category, but were great titles in themselves. However, in the end we had to give it to Cooke’s “Parker” once again, as the second installment of his series, “Parker: The Outfit” continued to stand head and shoulders above all challengers. Featuring more of the same beautiful art, gritty tone, and wonderful attention to detail that makes Cooke one of the most sought-after creators in the industry, “The Outfit” is unlike anything else published this year… in the best possible way.

CBR writer selects the top 20 female creators working today

Kelly Thompson, the “She has no head” columnist over at Comic Book Resources, has selected her top 20 favorite female creators of 2010: PART ONE * PART TWO

I’m happy to report that many Canadians figure prominently on this list including:






In Shops 12/22/2010: Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman Volume 1 HC


Reid Fleming: World’s Toughest Milkman Volume 1 HC
Publisher: IDW Publishing

(W/A/Cover) David Boswell

David Boswell’s classic counterculture icon is collected here in an oversized hardcover format. This volume collects the first Reid Fleming comic and the mini-series, Rogues to Riches, as well as Heartbreak Comics. This is a classic series that has gained cult status since its initial publication 30 plus years ago. Two volumes that will collect the entire run of Boswell’s hilarious anti-hero are coming your way, and they’re sure to disappear from the shelves, as finding back issues of Reid Fleming comics are near impossible!

Item Code: OCT100434
Price: $29.99
PREVIEWS Page #158
In Shops 12/22/2010


December 22nd, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

Kill Shakespeare #8 Cover by Kagan McLeod

American Vampire #10
Colours by Dave McCaig.

Batman Incorporated #2
DC Comics
Artwork and Variant Cover by Yanick Paquette. Inks by Michel Lacombe. Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2
Artwork and Cover by Tom Grummett.

Dynamo 5 Holiday Special 2010 #1
Artwork by Marcio Takara.

Haunt #12
Inks by Todd McFarlane.

Superman/Batman #79 Cover by Fiona Staples

Incorruptible #13
BOOM Studios
Artwork by Marcio Takara.

Incorruptible Vol. 3 Trade Paperback
BOOM Studios
Artwork by Marcio Takara.

Kill Shakespeare #8
Written by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col. Artwork by Andy Belanger. Colours by Ian Herring. Cover by Kagan McLeod.

Klaws Of The Panther #4
Cover by Mike Del Mundo.

Klaws of the Panther #4 Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #9
Inks by Terry Pallot.

Namor: The First Mutant #5
Inks by Craig Yeung.

Reid Fleming: The World’s Toughest Milkman Vol.1 HC
By David Boswell.

Skullkickers #3 (2nd Printing)
Written by Jim Zubkavich

Skullkickers #4
Written by Jim Zubkavich

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #2 Cover by Tom Grummett

Stan Lee’s The Traveler #2
BOOM Studios
Colours by Blond.

Superman/Batman #79
DC Comics
Cover by Fiona Staples.

Top Cow Holiday 2010 Special Trade Paperback
Image/Top Cow
Artwork, Colours and Cover by Alina Urusov.

Warlord Of Mars #3
Dynamite Entertainment
Artwork by Stephen Sadowski.

Batman Incorporated #2 Cover by Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe and Nathan Fairbairn

JSA Holiday Update

As we are nearing the end of 2010 (15 days – only two shipping weeks!) we have a lot to be thankful for, and not many more new releases left to anticipate! This has been another big year for the Canadian comics scene and we are really excited to see what our nominating committees will choose as the most “outstanding” creators, stores and publishers of 2010.

We’re really ‘amping it up’ here at JSA central in order to make sure we have all of the nominees in every category selected by the February 1st deadline. This includes our Gene Day Self-Publisher, Harry Kremer Retailer and Comics for Kids categories, which have traditionally been announced later. The reason for why we are aiming for a February 1 date? We want everyone who is nominated to have 4+ months to determine whether or not they can attend the awards ceremony at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on June 18th (the Calgary Expo runs June 17-19).

Jason Truong’s departure is something we’ve been aware of for a while now, he’s been scaling back on things over the last year and yet still was a very important part of our team in 2010 as he provided the weekly updates and assembled the eligible English creators list. We wish him all of the best and hope he’ll still stop by from time to time to give us a convention report or correct our mistakes.  I suspect we’ll face some new challenges in getting the weekly list up, but we’ll do our best in his absence.

I’d like to welcome Matthew J. Allen to our blog team. Matt has been helping out for a couple of years at some Toronto area events and he will be contributing interviews to the site with various creators. We hope you enjoyed his first interview with Red Robin artist Marcus To and he’s promised some more exclusive interviews in 2011.

Incidentally, if anyone reading this would like to be a part of the blog team and contribute new content to the site, please contact me at kevin@joeshusterawards.com — make sure you read the editorial submissions requirement first though. It’s under the ABOUT US section of the website.

From everyone here at the Joe Shuster Awards we want to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season! Hey, if you are looking for a great gift for someone special in your life, why not buy them a graphic novel?

Thanks for reading!
Kevin Boyd,
Executive Director

December 15th, 2010 new releases by Canadian Creators

Assassin's Creed: The Fall #2 cover by Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart

Cover, Art & Story by Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart. Colours by Nadine Thomas.

Red 5 Comics
Colours by Ronda Patterson, published by Red 5 Comics

Black Terror #12 cover by Steve Sadowski

Dynamite Entertainment
Cover by Stephen Sadowski

Dark Horse Comics
Artwork by Win Mortimer.

Conan: The Road of Kings #1 cover by Doug Wheatley

Conan: The Road of Kings #1 cover by Dale Keown

Dark Horse Comics
Covers by Dale Keown and Doug Wheatley

Udon Entertainment
Story by Ken Siu-Chong and the artwork of Joe Vriens, Eric Vedder, Alvin Lee, Joe Ng and others. Published by Udon.

BOOM Studios
Colours by Blond.

Written by John Rogers.

Alterna Comics
Story Written by Phil McClorey.

John Byrne's Next Men #1 cover by John Byrne

IDW Publishing
Cover, story and art by John Byrne

LOKI #2 (OF 4)
Marvel Comics
Inks by Michel Lacombe

Magus #1 cover by Fiona Staples

MAGUS #1 (OF 5)
12 Gauge Comics
Cover by Fiona Staples

Mystery Society Vol.1 Cover by Fiona Staples

IDW Publishing
Art and cover by Fiona Staples

Northern Giard #1A cover by Jason Edmiston

Written by Ty Templeton, cover by Jason Edmiston, artwork and variant cover by David J. Cutler, colours by K.T. Smith.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update #5 cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Marvel Comics
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Image Comics
Artwork and Cover by Riley Rossmo.

Image Comics
Artwork and Cover by Riley Rossmo. Colours by Dave Casey.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #23
DC Comics
Art by Claude St. Aubin

R.E.B.E.L.S: The Son and The Stars TPB cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

DC Comics
Art by Claude St. Aubin. Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky.

The Secret History Book 13
Archaia Studios Press
Colours by Chris Chuckry.

BOOM Studios
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky.

Dark Horse Comics
Colours by Brad Anderson

Marvel Comics
Written, Artwork and Colours by James Stokoe. Michael DeForge, and Kate Beaton. Artwork and Colours by Ty Templeton
One Flew Over the Watchers’ Next: (Nick Bertozzi)
How Mjolnir Got Its Strap: (Terry Moore)
Silver Surfer: (James Stokoe)
U.S.Agent vs the Terror-Saur: (Benjamin Marra)
Machine Man: (Tim Hamilton)
Rogue Gets in Trouble: (Kate Beaton)
The Left Hand of Boom: (Dean Haspiel)
1-555-Hero: Hero for Hire: (T. Cypress)
Young People: (Michael DeForge)
Fantastic..Before!!: (Alex Robinson)
With a Little Help from My Friends: (Eduardo Medeiros)
Carnival: (Story: Nick Gurewitch, Art: Kate Beaton)
Harvey Pekar meets The Thing: (Story: Harvey Pekar, Art: Ty Templeton)

Street Fighter Legends Ibuki tpb cover by Omar Dogan

Udon Entertainment
Written by Jim Zubkavich, art and cover by Omar Dogan. Published by Udon.

DC Comics
Colours by Blond.

DC Comics
Colours by Brad Anderson

Colours by Chris Chuckry

December 8th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

New Avengers #7 Cover by Stuart Immonen

5 Days To Die Trade Paperback
IDW US$19.99
Cover by David Finch.

The Flash #7
DC US$2.99
Cover by Francis Manapul. DC 75th Anniversary Cover by Darwyn Cooke.

Knight & Squire #3
DC US$3.99
Cover by Yanick Paquette. Cover Inks by Michel Lacombe. Cover Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.

Mystery Society #5 Cover by Fiona Staples

Mystery Society #5
IDW US$3.99
Artwork, Colours and Cover by Fiona Staples.

New Avengers #7
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork and Cover by Stuart Immonen.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Northlanders #35
DC/vertigo US$2.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

The Flash #7 Cover by Francis Manapul

Orc Stain Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
Image US$17.99
Written, Artwork, Colours and Cover by James Stokoe.

Pantheon Trade Paperback
IDW US$19.99
Artwork by Steve Molnar.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #23
DC US$2.99
Artwork by Claude St. Aubin.

Red Robin #18 Cover by Marcus To

Red Robin #18
DC US$2.99
Artwork and Cover by Marcus To.

Shadowland: After The Fall #1
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by David Finch.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Spawn: Origins Deluxe Edition Vol. 2 Hardcover
Image US$100.00
Written and Artwork by Todd McFarlane.

The Flash #7 DC 75th Anniversary Cover by Darwyn Cooke

Stan Lee’s Starborn #1
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Midtown Exclusive Homage Variant Cover by Paul Rivoche

Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 10: Extremes Trade Paperback
Dark Horse US$15.99
Colours by Brad Anderson.

Superboy #2
DC US$2.99
Written by Jeff Lemire.

Shadowland: After The Fall #1 Cover by David Finch

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity Trade Paperback
DC/Vertigo US$12.99
Written, Artwork and Cover by Jeff Lemire.

Torchwood #5
Titan Comics US$3.99
Artwork by Pia Guerra.

Knight & Squire #3 Cover by Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe and Nathan Fairbairn

Widowmaker #1
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men Forever 2 #13
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Tom Grummett.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men Forever 2 #13 Cover by Tom Grummett

December 1st, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

Sweet Tooth #16 Cover by Jeff Lemire

Adventure Comics #521
DC US$3.99
Back Story Written by Jeff Lemire.

American Vampire #9
DC/Vertigo US$3.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #2
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Brightest Day #15
DC US$2.99
Cover by David Finch.

Brightest Day Vol. 1 Hardcover
DC US$29.99
Cover by David Finch.

The Darkness #87
Image/Top Cow US$2.99
Cover by Dale Keown.

Generation Hope #2
Marvel US$2.99
Colours by Jim Charalampidis.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Gorilla Man Trade Paperback
Marvel US$19.99
Colours by Jim Charalampidis.

Ozma Of Oz #2
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Sky Pirates Of Neo Terra Trade Paperback
Image US$17.99
Artwork and Cover by Camilla d’Errico.

Spike: The Devil You Know Trade Paperback
IDW US$17.99
Colours by Ronda Pattison.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Digest Vol. 8: Deadly Hands Of Shon-Ju Trade Paperback
Dark Horse US$7.99
Colours by Ronda Pattison.

Star Wars: The Old Republic #6
Dark Horse US$2.99
Artwork by Dave Ross.
Preview at Dark Horse Comics

Super Friends: Head Of The Class Trade Paperback
DC US$12.99
Artwork and Cover by J. Bone.

Sweet Tooth #16
DC/Vertigo US$2.99
Written, Artwork and Cover by Jeff Lemire.

Taskmaster #4
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

The Darkness #87 Cover by Dale Keown

November 24th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

Klaws of the Panther #3 Cover by Mike Del Mundo

If I have missed any works by Canadian Comic Book Creators, please leave a comment, or send me an email at jason@joeshusterawards.com

Action Comics #895
DC US$3.99
Colours by Brad Anderson and Dave McCaig. Cover by David Finch.
Preview at DC Universe: The Source

Avengers And The Infinity Gauntlet #4
Marvel US$2.99
Inks by Terry Pallot.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Black Widow #8
Marvel US$2.99
Colours by Jim Charalampidis.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Cartoon Network 2-In-1: Ben 10: Alien Force And The Secret Saturdays Trade Paperback
DC/Johnny US$12.99
Artwork by Jay Stephens.

Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 (One-Shot)
Marvel US$3.99
Inks by Terry Pallot
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Conan The Cimmerian #25
Dark Horse US$2.99
Cover by Cary Nord.
Preview at Dark Horse Comics

The Darkness/Pitt Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
Image/Top Cow US$14.99
Artwork and Cover by Dale Keown.

X-Men Forever 2 #12 Cover by Tom Grummett

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #17
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Colours by Blond.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Elephantmen Vol. 1: Wounded Animals Trade Paperback
Image US$19.99
Artwork by Chris Bachalo.

Franklin Richards: Son Of A Genius Ultimate Collection Book 2 Trade Paperback
Marvel US$19.99
Colours by Brad Anderson.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 4: Realm Of Kings Trade Paperback
Marvel US$19.99
Artwork by Wes Craig. Inks by Serge Lapointe. Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.

Incorruptible #12
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Artwork by Marcio Takara.

Klaws Of The Panther #3
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Mike Del Mundo.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Magdalena #4
Image/Top Cow US$3.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.
Preview at Newsarama

New Mutants #19
Marvel US$2.99
Artwork by Leonard Kirk.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Skullkickers #3
Image US$2.99
Written by Jim Zubkavich.
Preview at Newsarama

Conan the Cimmerian #25 Cover by Cary Nord

Stan Lee’s The Traveler #1
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Midtown Comics Exclusive Homage Variant Cover by Paul Rivoche.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Superior #1 (2nd Printing)
Marvel/ICON US$2.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150
Marvel US$5.99
Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 2: Chameleons Hardcover
Marvel US$24.99
Artwork by Takeshi Miyazawa.

Wall-E Vol. 1: Recharge Hardcover
BOOM Studios US$24.99
Written by J. Torres.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Good Night, Gabbaland
Oni Press US$7.99
Written by J. Torres.

X-Men Forever 2 #12
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Tom Grummett.
Preview at Comic Book Resources.

Action Comics #895 Cover by David Finch