Visions of an Icon: Wolverine by Terry Pallot

Few Canadian creators have had such a long and varied career working in comics as inker Terry Pallot. His professional start came in the early 1990’s working on titles such as Planet of the Apes, Alien Nation, Man of War and Dinosaurs for Hire. During the mid-1990’s he worked on a number of different Star Trek related projects for Malibu and DC Comics such as Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation and Voyager.

In 2008-9 he returned to work on the Star Trek characters, this time for publisher IDW on Star Trek: The Next Generation – the Lost Generation and Star Trek: Year Four – The Enterprise Experiement.

Terry has also been doing a lot of work for Marvel Comics, inking titles such as Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four, Marvel Adventures The Avengers, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, X-Men/Agents of Atlas, Incredible Hercules, Savage She-Hulk, Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil, Models Inc., Big Hero 6. His inks can currently be seen on Spider-Man and the Secret Wars and Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk.


The piece shown above is one of over 40 pieces of original artwork featuring Wolverine donated to the Joe Shuster Awards for the Visions of an Icon Art Show and Sale by Canadian artists. The pieces were exhibited twice in 2009 – at the Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony in September and at the Speakeasy Comic Art Show in November. The original art pieces will be auctioned off on eBay in March 2010. Watch for announcements on this site!

Every day we will try to post an original piece and some information on the artist(s) that donated the work.