Action Comics smackdown. Detective Comics 27 sets new record price.

The other day I reported on the sale of a rare copy of Action Comics 1 which sold for 1 million dollars. Well, that price, the highest paid for an old comic book, has been surpassed – according to Rich Johnston a copy of Detective Comics 27 (the first appearance of Batman by Bob Kane) – also graded at 8.0 – has sold for $1,075,500. The book was sold by Heritage Auctions of Dallas.


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  1. Kevin Boyd says:

    So CBR reminds us that the Heritage price for the Detective 27 includes the buyer’s premium of 19+% – that bids for the ‘Tec 27 were actually only $900,000.

    Interesting point, but I think most Heritage bidders take the Buyer’s Premium into consideration when buying from Heritage Auctions. The bidder was likely aware that he would be paying over $1 million for the book.

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