Torontoist interviews Andy Brown of Conundrum Press

Dave Howard continues his excellent interview series, this time with Condundrum Press publisher Andy Brown. If you haven’t looked at Conundrum Press’ recent and upcoming offerings, you really are missing out on some interesting and exciting graphic novels. Conundrum Press was nominated last year for the Publisher Award and will most likely be back again on the list this year.

It’s an excellent interview, and it touches on some points that we do try to address with the annual Joe Shuster Awards, especially in regards to the material that’s coming out of Quebec that rarely sees the light of day in the other Canadian provinces – except when translated for the English market by publishers like Drawn & Quarterly (who carry the work of Michel Rabagliati, Guy Delisle, Julie Doucet and Pascal Blanchet) and now Conundrum Press (with Philippe Girard).

I’m actually surprised that other English language publishers, Canadian or otherwise, don’t look into translating and republishing the great books that come out every year from French Canadian creators. The material that does get translated into English tends to be more in line with the overall publishing philosophies of companies like D+Q and Conundrum. They generally avoid the genre focused BD – such as sci-fi/fantasy, historical, horror, suspense, fantasy, comedy and children’s BD. Most of us know about widely distributed and translated French language comics like Tintin, or Asterix & Obelix, or even Blacksad… but we here at the JSA would love to see series by Canadians like Les Druides, Magasin général or Les Nombrils getting picked up and given wider distribution. There’s a reason why these books keep getting nominated year after year.

The Quebec BD market is probably the strongest non-superhero material comics market we have in North America.

Anyway, Conundrum Press is doing a great job and we can’t wait to see what they have coming up this year and beyond. Make sure to drop by their table if you are going to TCAF this spring.