CBR interviews the creators of “A Softer World”

Comeau and Horne create “A Softer World”

One of the most curious and most original webcomics around is “A Softer World.” The comics are funny and strange, dark and touching, featuring zombies and cute babies and death and obscenities. The format of the comic has remained essentially the same for more than five hundred strips; three photographs that sometimes directly relate to the text and sometimes does not. Within those formal considerations, writer Joey Comeau and photographer Emily Horne have crafted something so unique that it’s hard to pinpoint any precise influence they’ve had.

The creative duo have also published comics on Tor.com in addition to their own separate projects. Comeau has written four books, including last year’s “Overqualified” and the upcoming novel “One Bloody Thing After Another,” coming out in May. They recently released the second collection of the “A Softer World.”