Gene Day Award – deadline for submission MONDAY MAY 10, 2010

The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing are now accepting 2009 self-published works for consideration.

Closing date for submissions: MONDAY MAY 10, 2010.

The winner of the Gene Day Award will receive a Joe Shuster Award and a bursary of $500 cash, to assist the winner in the creation and printing of their next comic.

The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing honours Canadian comic book creators who self-published their work during the previous calendar year. In 2009 there were 96 entries from across Canada, showcasing the diverse independent spirit of comic and zine creators.

In order to qualify you must be a citizen and current resident of Canada. Anyone who writes and illustrates a comic book of their own creation (including creative teams) and publishes and sells that comic independently of any other publishing company and does not currently have said works distributed by a third party distributor may submit their publication for review.

Format and content is at the discretion of the creators.

Must include new content, not reprinted material from other sources (such as webcomics).

There are no language restrictions for this award.

You must write, “created in 2009” on the book with your signature and some means of contacting you (email, telephone, address).

Mail two copies of your entries to:

PO BOX 67031 – 2300 YONGE ST.
M4P 3C8

All creators who entered will be listed on the Joe Shuster Awards website under our ‘Links to Canadian Creators – Self-Publishing‘ page along with the title of your entry.


For GENE DAY SUBMISSIONS @ the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (April 24-25) – they can be dropped off with KENNETH ILCISIN at Booth 910/911

For GENE DAY SUBMISSIONS @ the Toronto Comic Arts Festival / TCAF (May 8-9) – Joe Shuster Awards representatives will be attending the event on May 8th and 9th and collecting submissions.