Colin Upton gallery event

Laurence Hyde: Southern Cross Exhibit Programming

Exhibit Talk with Colin Upton

Sunday, April 18 4:30-6pm

free event

Join Colin Upton in conversation with Sharon Kallis – Looking at Lawrence Hyde’s work, the Southern Cross.

Colin and Sharon will discuss Hyde’s narrative wood engravings and the work in the context of the contemporary graphic novel. The conversation will touch on the place and role in today’s visual culture of the “cartoon journalist,” the evolution of the genre since Hyde’s difficulties in finding a publisher in the early 1950’s, depictions of tragedy in the graphic novel format and the passion and determination that is required by those working in this format to tell the often untold or under told stories.

Discussion will be followed with refreshments in the Fireside Room.

Southern Cross:

In 1948, artist Laurence Hyde began working on Southern Cross, a wood-engraving project that took him almost four years to complete. Southern Cross is a “book without words” composed of 118 blocks

that tells the story of a fictional Micronesian family that fell victim to the American military, a story based on actual events that took place on the Bikini Islands. The Southern Cross was purchased for the City of Burnaby Permanent Collection in 1987, which is the last time it was shown in Burnaby. The only other existing Southern Cross is in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

Colin Upton

Vancouver’s own Colin Upton has been creating comics for the last 25 years. He has created comic books, editorial cartoons, comic strips, mini-comics, illustrations as well as paintings that look a lot like cartoons. He has been a co-host on radio shows about comics and, a lecturer and essayist on the subject of comics. Colin, as a wargamer and amateur historian, has had a life long interest in war, history, politics and current events and how they appear in his chosen art form. These interests have been reflected in his own comics’ work. His autobiographical work at times reflects the relationship between personal stories and larger, world shaping events such as both the Gulf Wars.

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