Comics in Broken Pencil #47

The newest issue of Broken Pencil showed up on my doorstep (a result of the subscription special offered at Canzine 2009) and there is some comic related notes in the issue:

  • Jason Turner’s regular comic column
  • regular appearing comics: Geofriends, I already know how my life will go, and the very cool, Mr. Monitor
  • a 5 page excerpt from Jason Keiffer’s The Rabble of Downtown Toronto
    the always great (but not necessarily timely) reviews of comic zines:

  • including Jordyn F. Bochon‘s The Day After V-Day, which was a 2009 Gene Day Finalist
  • Michael DeForge‘s Gags
  • Naomi Cook‘s The GMO Zoo
  • Team Loose Nucleus’s Pizza World News
    and graphic novels:

  • like Adam Bourret‘s I’m Crazy
  • Simon Roy’s Jan’s Atomic Heart nominated for a 2010 Joe Shuster Award for Best Cartoonist
  • Lezley Davidson’s Peeling Onions.