Canzine – November 1st & the 2010 Gene Day Award

canzine2009If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, be sure to drop by the Gladstone Hotel for Canzine 2009. I (Robert Haines) will be there touching base with a whole bunch of creators and checking out their new comics/comix/zines. Most of these creators will be eligible for the 2010 Gene Day award so if your interest was piqued by the awesome comics produced by the 2009 finalists, I recommend you bring some money and see what Canzine 2009 has to offer!

Hal Niedzviecki and Lindsay Gibb of Broken Pencil, the organizer of the event, have been very supportive of the Gene Day award and the recognition it brings to the self-publishing community, so be on the lookout for a 6 page spread in the upcoming issue of Broken Pencil featuring our 2009 Gene Day nominees: Chris Peterson aka C. Eric Peters, Miriam Libicki, Jesse Jacobs (the winner of the 1st Gene Day Award), Jordyn Bochon and Dakota McFadzean.

Also, for all you self-publishers out there looking to submit your books for the 2010 Gene Day Award, please mail a copy of your book to:

Gene Day Award c/o The Joe Shuster Awards
PO Box 67031 – 2300 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 3C8

Inside the cover, please include the following:
your email address
your phone number
and you must confirm the work as newly produced in 2009 by writing “This work was created and published in 2009” with a signature.


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