Interviews -Yanick Paquette on Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3

Variant cover by Yanick Paquette

Newsarama interview.

#3 is out next week at a comics retailer near you.

Yanick recently returned to work for DC Comics after a few years at Marvel working on various X-Men related comics. This week he was added to the guestlist for Fan Expo Canada, a show he attends nearly every year. In the interview he also hints at another project he has agreed to work on with writer Grant Morrison. Aside from this issue of Bruce Wayne coming out next week, the two previously collaborated on the Seven Soldiers of Victory: Bulleteer mini-series.

Nrama: You said that after this, you’re doing something with Grant Morrison that can’t be announced?

Paquette: Well, Grant is very busy doing the Batman stuff. I might want to do something in between, to give him time to produce something else. He’s very in demand at DC, of course, so we just can’t tell when this is going to happen.