June 30th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

Justice League of America #46 Variant Cover by Francis Manapul

If I have missed any works by Canadian Comic Book Creators, please leave a comment, or send me an email at jason@joeshusterawards.com

Action Comics #890
DC US$3.99
Colours by Brad Anderson. Cover by David Finch.

Age Of Heroes #1 (2nd Printing)
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork by Leonard Kirk and Ty Templeton.

Atomic Robo And The Revenge Of The Vampire Dimension #4
Red 5 Comics US$3.50
Colours by Ronda Pattison.
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Action Comics #890 Cover by David Finch

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #12
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Colours by Blond.
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Doomwar #5
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Jean-Francois Beaulieu.
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Elephantmen #26
Image US$3.50
Artwork and Colours by Marian Churchland.

Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 2 Hardcover
Marvel US$19.99
Artwork by Dale Eaglesham.

Soulfire #6 Cover A by Marcus To

The Flash #3
DC US$2.99
Artwork and Cover by Francis Manapul.

Ghost Projekt #3
Oni Press uS$3.99
Artwork and Cover by Steve Rolston.

G.I. Joe: Hearts And Minds #2
IDW US$3.99
Colours by Lovern Kindzierski.
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Ghost Projekt #3 Cover by Steve Rolston

Heralds #5
Marvel US$2.99
Written by Kathryn Immonen. Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.
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Justice League Of America #46
DC US$3.99
Variant Cover by Francis Manapul.

New Avengers: Luke Cage #3
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Chris Chuckry.
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X-Men Forever 2 #2 Cover by Tom Grummett

Northlanders #29
DC/Vertigo US$2.99
Artwork by Fiona Staples. Colours by Dave McCaig.
Preview at Vertigo: Graphic Content

Prince Of Persia: Before The Sandstorm #1
Dynamite Entertainment US$3.99
Artwork by Tom Fowler and Bernard Chang. Cover by Todd McFarlane.
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Prince Valiant HC Vol. 2 1939-1940
Fantagraphics US$29.99
Story and art by Hal Foster.

Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #10
Dynamite Entertainment US$2.99
Variant Cover by Stephen Sadowski.

Shade: The Changing Man Vol. 3: Scream Time Trade Paperback
DC US$19.99
Artwork by Chris Bachalo.

Soulfire #6 Cover B by Nick Bradshaw

Simpsons Super Spectacular #11
Bongo Comics US$2.99
Written by Ian Boothby.

Soulfire #6
Aspen Comics MLT US$2.99
Artwork and Cover by Marcus To. Inks by Richard Zajac. Variant Cover by Nick Bradshaw.
Preview at Broken Frontier

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork and Colours by Agnes Garbowska.
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Star Wars: Dark Times #17
Dark Horse US$2.99
Artwork by Doug Wheatley. Cover by Travis Charest
Preview at Dark Horse Comics

Star Wars: Dark Times #17 Cover by Travis Charest

Star Wars: Legacy #49
Dark Horse US$2.99
Colours by Brad Anderson.
Preview at Dark Horse Comics

Superman: War Of The Supermen Double Feature #2
DC US$4.99
Colours by Blond.

Turf #2
Image US$2.99
Variant Cover by Bernard Chang.
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Turf #2 Variant Cover by Bernard Chang

Wonder Woman #600
DC US$4.99
Pin-Up Artwork by Francis Manapul.

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga
Marvel US$0.00 (FREE!)
Artwork by Leonard Kirk and Nick Bradshaw.

X-Men Forever 2 #2
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork and Cover by Tom Grummett.
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X-Necrosha Hardcover
Marvel US$39.99
Artwork by Kalman Andrasofszky and Alina Urusov. Colours by Alina Urusov.

The Flash #3 Cover by Francis Manapul