Conundrum Press – How can a Retailer order these books?

Thanks to a slew of interesting new releases recently, such as:

The Hipless Boy by Sully

Children of the Atom by Dave Lapp

Ruts & Gullies: Nine Days in Saint Petersburg by Philippe Girard

and the very underrated The Undertaking by Michael J. Hind

I’ve been asked by a number of Canadian retailers, ‘How do I order comics from Conundrum Press?’.

I’ve personally looked through the Diamond reorder system and there are only a few book available. So to get to the bottom of this question, I contacted Andy Brown, the publisher of Conundrum Press.

The straight answer:

After Diamond Distributing enacted the new minimum order requirements, Diamond no longer carries all Conundrum Press titles. The Hipless Boy was dropped by Diamond after solicitation, without informing the publisher. But that doesn’t mean that Conundrum won’t continue with Diamond, the forthcoming title Inkstuds, a collection of interviews with comic creators conducted by BC’s Robin McConnell which will be in the August Previews.

But fear not, there are many other ways to order Conundrum Press books!

The Canadian-based Distributor for all Conundrum Press books, including comics and graphic novels, is Litdistco.

phone: 1-800-591-6250 (toll free Canada, U.S.)
fax: 1-800-591-6251 (Toll Free Canada, U.S.)

They also use the Ingram Book Company for US orders. So orders can go through Ingram without a problem.

In the US, Conundrum uses great guy, and mini-comics promoter/guru Tony Shenton. Tony has a very cool job as comic sales rep. To order through Tony you can call 718-923-1136 for his home office, or email

Note: Tony Shenton represents many, many American mini-comix/zine/self pub creators which may be of interest to retailers.

Perhaps the easiest option, retailers can order directly from Conundrum Press. Just email Andy and he can hook you up, at discount levels similar to Diamond.


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