SDCCI: The Exhibitors

These are exhibitors that are specifically Canadian, there are other publishers and companies that will feature Canadian creators signing at their booths, but they are not listed here:

Kei Acedera G07
Arcana Studio Inc 2415
Blind Ferret Entertainment Inc. 1435
Bobby Chiu G06
Comicage Entertainment 1343
Camilla D’Errico 4920
Drawn and Quarterly 1529 1628 (also the home of Beguiling Art Sales)
Laurie B!  1803
Major Comics 531 533 535 537
Red 5 Comics 2306
UDON Entertainment 5037 5039
Vancouver Film School 5568

Looking for a way to contact a member of the Joe Shuster Awards at SDCCI? Leave a message at either of the following exhibitor booths – located near each end of the convention hall:

CGC (Certified Guaranty Company LLC) 901 903 905
Desert Wind Comics 3919