Tom Grummett tackles Dead Avengers in Chaos War tie-in series

Marvel releases their November schedule late this afternoon, but they’ve already released some teaser information on a tie-in to another upcoming event called CHAOS WAR (which starts in October) in the form of the series CHAOS WAR: DEAD AVENGERS written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by none other than TOM GRUMMETT (Superman, Superboy, Robin, Thunderbolts). The series features a bunch of deceased Marvel characters: The Vision, Swordsman, Captain Mar-Vell, Deathcry, Doctor Druid and the female Yellowjacket. Van Lente goes to great lengths to point out that these are not zombies.

Personally I’ve always felt that Tom drew a great Vision.

On working with Tom, Van Lente says:

“Tom is totally badass,” Van Lente exclaims. “I loved his Superboy stuff and the opportunity to work with him on this is terrific. This is a huge, massive, Avengers-y the-universe-is-about-to-end-and-only-we-can-save-it cosmic battle of epic epicitude. You won’t want to miss it.”