The Broadcast by Noel Tuazon (with Eric Hobbs)

New in stores today is the The Broadcast, published by NBM publishing, art by Noel Tuazon, written by US-based Eric Hobbes.

What’s it about?

Set in 1938, THE BROADCAST is about a rural Indiana town that loses power halfway through Orson Welles’ infamous radio play having never learned the panic-inducing news bulletins are a hoax. Fearing the worst is upon them, four diverse families band together in an effort to make it through the night. Tensions build, however, as differences surface, and it isn’t long before all involved realize they have as much to fear from each other as they do the “alien invasion” heading their way.

Who’s involved?

The Broadcast is drawn by Noel Tuazon. His work on ELK’S RUN earned a Harvey nomination, and his most recent title, TUMOR, garnered rave reviews when it landed on the Amazon Kindle before being collected by Archaia. Eric Hobbes was involved with the webcomic Awakenings.

Who will be interested?

The Broadcast fills the void between character-driven indy books and the high-concept comics being produced by the big two. It’s perfect for readers who enjoyed Jeff Lemire’s THE NOBODY at Vertigo or the cinematic storytelling techniques used in Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of PARKER: THE HUNTER at IDW.

The concept behind The Broadcast is great! Orson Welles’ reading of The War Of The Worlds has left it’s mark in history, and creating a comic based around the terror and hysteria that resulted is brilliant. Noel has created moody, evocative pages which capture the spirit of the story.

While your local comic book store may not have a copy, the book can be reordered through Diamond and received within 2 weeks. Be sure to ask for this book, and communicate to your local retailer that kind of comics you’re interested in reading. If you’d like to support local and national creators, tell them about our weekly ‘Releases featuring Canadian Creators‘ feature. These are the ways that you can help guide your local retailer, so they stock more of the interesting and diverse works produced by Canucks.

The Broadcast Trade Paperback
NBM Publishing US$13.99
Artwork by Noel Tuazon.
Diamond Item Code: JUN101062
Diamond Stock #STK421473
ISBN-13/EAN: 978156163590051399

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  1. […] Robert Haines had some very nice things to say about THE BROADCAST over at the Joe Shuster Awards we…. While not a review, he did say that, “Noel has created moody, evocative pages which capture the spirit of the story.” I couldn’t agree more. I keep telling people his art in THE BROADCAST is like an old black-and-white movie on the page. In fact, I’m thinking Noel should be a shoe-in for next year’s Shuster Award. I’m a little biased, of course, but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s doing better work than Noel has done on this book… […]

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