Fan Expo Canada 2010

This past weekend saw Fan Expo Canada 2010 return to the North building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I don’t really have much to say about it as I’m completely burned out from four days working at the event, and there are certain things I am not in any position to address.

The big story appears to be that the event was packed and attendance certainly appears to be up well over 2009’s ~60K. There are a lot of negative reports about overcrowding, long waits and the Fire Marshall getting involved and shutting down access to the building on Saturday, August 28. Obviously no one is happy about any of this, and the more that we learn our frustration grows. I’ll be expressing my personal concerns at upcoming meetings. The event returns to the South Building in 2011 and that will mean a much better controlled event. The North building should never, ever, be used again as the sole venue for this event.

The Comic Expo guests and exhibitors I spoke to were extremely happy with the turnout and with overall sales. As Robert iterated in his post last week, this event is a major money-making event for Canadians in the comic book industry and by all accounts expectations were exceeded. Sure there was other stuff going on in the other sections of the show, such as the many celebrities there and the Tron preview, but comics is the focus of this site and my focus working at the event and I am overall pleased with how the Comic Book Expo worked out this year (in the event hall that is) for so many and we have a lot of ideas for 2011, and additional suggestions for how things can be improved on the floor for creators and attendees.