Reminder: Montreal Comic-Con is this weekend – Sept. 11-12

Here’s a link to an earlier post on the convention with details.

A few more guests and exhibitors have been added such as KEN STEACY, LARRY HAMA and SALGOOD SAM.

Here’s a link to the website: MONTREAL COMIC-CON

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca – Star Wars)
Brent Spiner (Data – Star Trek)
Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian – Star Wars)
Elvira (Cassandra Peterson – television personality)
Kirby Morrow (Voice Actor – Death Note)
Maria de Aragorn (Greedo – Star Wars)
Noelle Hannibal (Star Trek)

Barbara Canepa (SkyDoll)
Wes Craig (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Dale Eaglesham (Steve Rogers: Super Soldier)
Larry Hama (Comics Legend)
Leonard Kirk (New Mutants)
Jacques Lamontagne (Les Druides)
Louis (Tessa: Agent Intergalactique)
Yanick Paquette (Batman, Inc.)
Darick Robertson (The Boys)
Denis Rodier (L’Ordre des Dragons)
Tim Sale (Comics Legend)
Ken Steacy (Comics Legend)
Cameron Stewart (Batman and Robin)
Marcio Takara (The Incredibles)
Kelly Tindall (Proof)
Herb Trimpe (Comics Legend)
Ethan Van Sciver (Flash: Rebirth)

Guillaume Bianco
Benoit Godbout
Janet Hetherington
Terry Huddleston
Geof Isherwood
Philipe Kara
Michel Lacomb
Leo Leibelman
Gibson Quarter
Scott Redding
Ronn Sutton
Vitaly S. Alexius
Ahmad Ali-Jamshidi
April Anna
Simon Banville
Jean-Sébastien Bérubé
Carl Bois
Kate Bradley
Dale Camus
Karine Charlebois
Francois Chartier
Simon Chartrand
Chozen Studios
David Coacci
Francis Desharnais
Michel Falardeau
Reid Fisher
Emanuelle Gill
Legend of the Steel Breed
Nadim Mahi-Bahi
Camille Vezina aka MilloVerte
Erik Mullins
Jean-Pierre Norman
Salgood Sam
Richard Serrao
Jeff Simpson
Jimmy Suzan
Noumier Tawilah
Jaimy Warner

Le guide des comics Héritage
Quebec Imperial Fortress (501st Legion)
EDITIONS LES 400 COUPS — signing at their booth: Denis Rodier – Éric Thériault – Daniel Shelton – Albert André-Goulet – Michel Vaillancourt – Jocelyn Bonnier – Simon Labelle – Samuel Leblanc – Sébastien Fréchette (Sirkowski) – Sébastien Rivest – Francis Desharnais – Benoit Godbout – Michel Lacombe – Jacques Lamontagne

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