Happenings: Dave Sim’s last ever public event – Strange Adventures, Halifax, NS

Dave Sim was auctioning off his only 2010 store appearance, and Calum Johnston of Strange Adventures amped up the wackiness with a winning bid which consisted of:

* a breakfast or lunch at the Ardmore Tea Room
* a fine bottle of Nova Scotia blueberry wine
* six rolls of fax paper for Dave’s fax machine
* a Strange Adventures coffee mug and hoodie
* Lobster and / or steak dinner at the Five Fishermen
* the option of being chauffeured around Halifax
* and $1,347.88 in cash

In the meantime, it seems that Dave has decided this signing will be his last ever signing. (Seems to me the bids would have been higher if that bit of information had been known at the time. A big win for Calum!)

From Strange Adventures:

Is this really Dave Sim’s LAST SIGNING?

Hey you have already probably already seen the uber cool poster for “the last signing” (if not just look above) and thought oh yeah I would really love to go – But is there any more you can tell me – and honestly really sincerely and truthfully IS this Dave’s Last signing?!

Well as luck would have it we have managed to put this very question (and quite a few others as well) direct to Dave himself and he has answered them all.

But hey you say – what about the answer? Is this really the last signing?

Dave says :- “Yes it is – why is a very long story…”

So this IS the last signing so no more need for quotation marks – so mark the date on your calendars – September 24th 2010 and get on down to Strange Adventures!

Who: Dave Sim
What: last ever signing
Where: Strange Adventures, 5262 Sackville Street, Halifax, NS
When: September 24, 2010 from 10pm – midnight
Why: who knows! but we might find out in the interview!

Dave Sim has always been a huge supporter of the Joe Shuster Awards and we are saddened to hear that he will be ceasing all future appearances and signings. All our best to Dave.

Robert Haines