Shakespearean action flick wins Pitch This!

The Kill Shakespeare phenom continues as the dynamic duo of Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col have won the Toronto International Film Festival’s annual PITCH THIS! competition, using the visuals of Kill Shakespeare artist Andy Belanger to seal the deal.

CBC News article.

Imagine Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Richard III all inhabiting the same world — an action-packed, quest-filled one at that — and you’ve got the winning movie pitch of the 2010 Telefilm Pitch This! competition.

Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery snagged the $10,000 cash prize on Tuesday for their imaginative pitch for Kill Shakespeare — a live-action adventure film inspired by the Bard’s indelible characters — during the contest’s 11th edition.

The contest, held each year as part of the Toronto International Film Festival, sees a whittled-down short list of six teams each deliver a six-minute film pitch to an industry audience and jury.

This year, organizers received more than 200 submissions, with past winners such as Poor Boy’s Game and Amal actually being made into feature films.

Deciding who gets to cash the novelty cheque is a tough decision! --- photo from the Kill Shakespeare dot com website blog.

Congratulations guys! It’s going to be a busy, Kill Shakespeare-filled fall as the team invades New York Comic Con next month, followed by a gallery show in New York City and a whole lot more!