Captain Canuck, Cerebus and more to appear in War of the Independents #1 – debuts at NYCC

War of the Independents is a 6-issue crossover series by US creator Dave Ryan and published by Red Anvil Comics that features dozens of independent comic heroes from various publishers, and the first issue is debuting in October 2010 at the New York Comic-Con. Advance publicity has provided an eclectic list of characters who will be appearing, and the cover to #1 (pictured above) features Canadian comics characters such as Cerebus (created by Dave Sim), Mr. Monster (created by the late Fred Kelly), Reid Fleming – World’s Toughest Milkman (created by David Boswell) and Captain Canuck (created by Ron Leishman & Richard Comely).

Red Anvil Comics is an indie comic company formed in 1997. Publishing comics and graphic novels of all genres, new independently owned characters in exciting tales of adventure, humor, and horror such as Penance, & Bye BiPolar.