Moving Day Announcement: DC and Marvel make changes

So they aren’t Canadian companies, but a lot of our creators are employed by them. Today is an interesting day as both companies have announced office changes and DC has decided to end two of their publishing lines to amalgamate them under the DC banner.

Marvel’s news was an office change – they are moving to 135 West 50th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues. Some speculators suggested Disney might move everyone down to Orlando, but that isn’t happening anytime soon as they’ve signed a 9-year lease on the new space.

DC was expected to announce a move from New York to Los Angeles, but have decided instead to keep the comics editorial division in New York, moving instead the multi-media and digital content production management to Burbank, California.

The bigger news of the day was that DC has decided to put to bed the WildStorm and Zuda lines.

WildStorm has been limping along since DC acquired Jim Lee and his company over 10 years ago. Anything WildStorm – licenses and such – are now part of DC Entertainment’s main comic book publishing lines and if they come back they’ll be under the main DC brand. That really affects only things like WildCATs, Stormwatch, Gen13 and they claim to have plans but want to give those characters a rest. Planetary and Ex Machina have ended, and if DC decides to do a second mini of Mysterius the Unfathomable (hopefully they will as the first one was excellent – kudos to Tom Fowler) it will be under the DC imprint. The other announcement was the end of Zuda – which I thought they had already announced had ended. What this means for Andy Belanger’s Bottle of Awesome I don’t quite know — the press release indicates that any Zuda stuff will fall under the digital content side of DC out of the Burbank office. Andy mentioned the other day that his third season had been cut and he had to fold his ideas for season 3 into season 2…let’s hope he’s able to salvage it.