Cerebus could return? (plus the Sim event at Strange Adventures)

Information about the Last Dave Sim signing at Strange Adventures is being released. Of note, Dave conducted an exclusive interview with The Coast and revealed the following:

(T)he question of whether his beloved creation Cerebus will ever make a return will certainly come up. He does, in fact, have plans.

“The only way I would revisit the character—and here’s a Coast exclusive for you—is if I was to do a miniseries or graphic novel, Cerebus: The Afterlife, which I have a few mental notes floating around in my head about. I might have to wait a few years. People were squeamish enough about seeing Cerebus in his old age, not wanting to think about getting—or being—old. Speculations on an afterlife would really push some hot buttons, I think.”

I guess the question would be: is there an appetite for the material? How many people read the series from start to finish because they loved it? I’ll admit that I have the complete Cerebus series, all 16 phonebooks, and I’ve read most of the series. I stopped reading part way through issue 279, putting it away because I lost interest in the dense religious material and the Cerebus/Woody Allen meandering; though I did read 299 and 300. I’ve contemplated starting the series again, at #1, but there are so many comics I haven’t read already, I should probably read those first.


As pertains to the events of Dave Sims trip, here is the schedule:

First up is the airport meet & greet! Dave arrives on Air Canada 606 from Toronto at 1PM Wednesday, September 22nd. Be there with a “welcome to Halifax” sign or something to that effect, and Dave will choose his favourite to win a set of Cerebus books! AND they get another set for their local school or public library!

Are you an aspiring comic artist? A cartoonist ready to break into the biz? Would you like some tips and advice from one of the most experienced and award-winning
cartoonists? Drop by the Spring Garden Road Library in downtown Halifax between 4 and 7pm for portfolio reviews with the one and only Dave Sim!

Another portfolio review is set for Friday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 pm also at the Spring Garden Road Library.

Then the big night – The last Signing. 10pm at Strange Adventures – 5262 Sackville Street in downtown Halifax.

The Glamourpuss event – dress up to the nines to join Dave and friends at the Economy Shoe Shop for a shindig.


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