September 29th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men vs Vampires #1 Cover by Nick Bradshaw

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Action Comics #893
DC US$3.99
Colours by Brad Anderson and Dave McCaig. Cover by David Finch.
Preview at DC Universe: The Source

Amazing Spider-Man #644
Marvel US$2.99
Variant Cover by Chris Bachalo.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

American Vampire Vol. 1 Hardcover
DC/Vertigo US$24.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

Artifacts #2
Image/Top Cow US$3.99
Artwork by Dale Keown.

Atlas #5
Marvel US$2.99
Colours by Jim Charalampidis. Cover Colours by Dave McCaig.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

The Incredibles #14 Cover by Marcio Takara

Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles #14
BOOM Studios US$2.99
Artwork and Cover by Marcio Takara.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Franklin Richards: Son Of A Genius Ultimate Collection Book 1 Trade Paperback
Marvel US$19.99
Colours by Brad Anderson.

Futurama #51
Bongo Comics US$2.99
Artwork by James Lloyd.

Heralds Hardcover
Marvel US$19.99
Written by Kathryn Immonen. Colours by Nathan Fairbairn and Ronda Pattison.

Heroic Age: One Month To Live #5
Marvel US$2.99
Colours by Nathan Fairbairn. Cover by Mike Del Mundo.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

Action Comics #893 Cover by David Finch

Hope Virus Trade Paperback
Arcana Studios US$14.95
Written by Sean O’Reilly.

Kevin Smith’s Kato #4
Dynamite Entertainment US$3.99
Variant Cover by Johnny Desjardins.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: Amazing Trade Paperback
Marvel US$9.99
Inks by Terry Pallot. Cover by Karl Kerschl. Cover Inks by Serge Lapointe. Cover Colours by Nadine Thomas.

Sandman: The Dream Hunters Trade Paperback
DC/Vertigo US$19.99
Colours by Lovern Kindzierski.

X-Men Forever 2 #8 Cover by Tom Grummett

Torchwood #3
Titan Comics US$3.99
Artwork by Pia Guerra.

Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection Vol. 4 Trade Paperback
Marvel US$29.99
Artwork by David Finch.

Widow Warriors #3
Dynamite Entertainment US$3.99
Inks by Craig Yeung.

Amazing Spider-Man #644 Variant Cover by Chris Bachalo

X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants – X-Men vs Vampires #1
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Nick Bradshaw. Cover Colours by Jim Charalampidis.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men Forever 2 #8
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Tom Grummett.
Preview at Comic Book Resources

X-Men: Second Coming Hardcover
Marvel US$39.99
Artwork and Cover David Finch.

Heroic Age: One Month To Live #5 Cover by Mike Del Mundo