Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit and Seth’s Palookaville 20 due in stores 10/6/10

Jason has informed me that the full list of new releases for October 6, 2010 featuring the work of Canadian creators will be posted later today.

However, I took a quick look at the shipping list and it looks like an all-star week for Canadian comics as both Richard Stark’s Parker – The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke and Palookaville 20 and (the first hardcover book edition) by Seth are on the Diamond Dist. shipping schedule! These are two very high profile releases that will, based on the track record of their respective creators, be strongly considered in the Outstanding Cartoonist category for the 7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards.

"The Outfit" is the second Parker book that Darwyn has adapted for IDW, although a truncated version of the book "The Man with the Getway Face" was released earlier this year and will also be included in The Outfit. "The Hunter" was on many 'Best of' lists for 2009 and Cooke won Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzmann and Joe Shuster Awards as well.
Seth's first issue of Palookaville in the new hardcover format for publisher Drawn and Quarterly. Last year's hardcover release "George Sprott" was also on many 'Best of' lists and earned Seth a Doug Wright Award. Palookaville 20 will feature a follow-up to his 'Clyde Fans, Book One', as well as some other short stories and features.