News from NYCC 2010

While Kevin, Robert, Allison, and Jenn are at New York Comic Con, I’m sitting here, catching up on the news coming out of there. I figured I might as well link up some of the news, featuring Canadian Creators, with upcoming projects, previews, etc.

DC has released advance previews of “Batman Inc. #1” with artwork by Yanick Paquette, and “Batman: The Dark Knight #1” written and artwork by David Finch (Comic Book Resources)

Bernard Chang takes over art duties for “Supergirl”, starting with issue #60, in January 2011 (Robot 6 @ CBR)

Kathryn Immonen will be writing the “Wolverine & Jubilee: Curse of the Mutants” mini-series (CBR)

MODOK will be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Robot 6 @ CBR) – Okay… this doesn’t have anything to do with Canadian Creators… but I found it amusing. MODOK in Marvel vs. Capcom 3!!!

I’ll update this post, as the weekend goes on, provided that there’s news regarding Canadian Creators.


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