Home, sweet home.

This past weekend was the fifth New York Comic Con. I’ve attended this event every year since the first one back in 2006. Needless to say it was quite possibly one of the biggest shows of the calendar year and there were a lot of people there. Not quite sure how many, but everyone was speculating on numbers at the show, when we were out for dinner, having coffee, etc. It was very crowded and there were some problems with bottle-necking.

It was otherwise a fun event and everyone had a good time it seems, other than our common complaints about our sore knees, ankles and feet.

I touched base with a lot of Canadian creators, just seeing how people were doing and by all accounts it seems like the NYCC was a good show for most creators.

Marvel and DC both announced lower cover prices. We announced the DC news before I left on Thursday, but Marvel followed suit later that day.

I’ve been letting some creators know about our 2011 ceremony location plans. Reaction continues to be very positive.

Aside from that, I picked up some comics and books (Skull Kickers 1, Scott Pilgrim 5 & 6, the limited edition of The Outfit – alas, the cover was not shipped up but will be mailed to me later, the limited edition Icon: The Art of Jim Lee hardcover, the Art of Drew Struzan hardcover), some t-shirts for my best gal, some more Toon Tumblers for my kitchen, and got some items signed (the aforementioned limited Outfit along with the regular edition, the Jerry Robinson biography, the Art of Gene Colan, a few more signatures in the Stan Lee Meets… hardcover). No art this time other than getting a commission from Paolo Rivera that wasn’t done in time at Fan Expo back in August.

There were plenty of deals at the show, and lots of books. Hard to tell if people were spending as much as they have in the past, but I suspect sales were spread fairly thin across the hall. There was simply too much of everything at this show.