A look back at 6 years of Joe Shuster Award winning Canadian creators, retailers and publishers 2005-2010

Categories and winners of Joe Shuster Awards are as follows (links are to Wikipedia entries).

Please note:

– From 2005-2007 the award winners were selected by online vote. In 2009 the Association decided to reduce the online vote categories to three in 2008, eventually scrapping the fan vote components completely in 2009 in favour of completely juried awards.

– Canadian creators working on French language publications were not included for nomination in 2005, but have been included since that year.

Outstanding Achievement (handed out infrequently)

  • 2005 Dave Sim and Gerhard for completing Cerebus in 2004. Begun in 1977, this 300-issue series is a milestone in comic book publishing and is the longest running creator-owned comic book series.
  • 2008 David Watkins for using comic books as a teaching tool.

Outstanding Artist

Outstanding Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

Outstanding Publisher

Outstanding Writer

Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team

Outstanding Colourist (founded in 2008)

Outstanding Cover (founded in 2008)

Comics for Kids Award (founded in 2009)

Gene Day Award for Canadian Self-Publishing (founded in 2009)

Voters Choice – Outstanding International Creator (retired in 2009)

Voters Choice – Favourite Creator (English Language) (retired in 2009)

Voters Choice – Favourite Creator (French Language) (retired in 2009)

Harry Kremer Retailer Award

Hall of Fame Inductees