Canzine adventures

I spent a 4 hours at Canzine this past Sunday, and I was quite pleased as Canzine is one of my favourite comic art events. The show was larger than ever, jammed with tables and creative types.

I was there gathering books for the Gene Day Award and building our Self-Published Creators contact list.

Comic Zines I picked up:

.Life Is Long.” by Evan Moore

Bok Choy Bash & The Sashimi Adventures by Dirchansky and Koyar

Bok Choy Bash & The Sashimi Adventures AGAIN by Dirchansky and Koyar

Boredom Pays #2 by Jason Bradshaw

Expired Seafood by various creators of the crew

Freelance Blues #2 & #3 by Ian Daffern & Mike Leong (art by US citizen Vicky Tierney)

Frequently Asked Question about threesome by Hyein Lee

genevieve vol. 1 by Efehan Elbi

hello orange, hello squirrel by Mary Huang

Streakers by Nick Maandag

The Book Of Irrational Fears by Juhyun Daniel Lee

The Gentlemen by Kristi McConnel & S.J. Romm

The Worst In Everything by Jason Bradshaw

Three Girls by Hyeine Lee

trigger happy #1 by Francis Lee