Another Canadian comic book convention sold to Wizard?

According to dealers set up at the event this weekend — Michael Paille, the promoter of the Central Canada Comic-Con — has been telling exhibitors that he has sold his show to Wizard Entertainment. On the CCCC website, the event claims to be Canada’s second largest comic book convention, with a reported 16,800 attendees in 2008 (2009’s numbers are not posted).

If this is true, the sale of the Central Canada Comic-Con makes it the second Canadian comic book convention to sell out to US convention promoters Wizard Entertainment. For now, we’ll consider it a well-informed rumour and await for more official confirmation.


5 thoughts on “Another Canadian comic book convention sold to Wizard?

  1. They announced the Miami Comic-Con earlier this week, and recently announced plans for a convention in New Orleans, Louisiana — so if you’ve got swampland, you just might be able to get them to hold a convention on it.

  2. Actually, after this weekend, swampland would be the safer bet. Read the responses on their facebook page.

  3. Alas, it looks like they’ve been deleting negative posts from their Facebook page… that seems to be the standard tactic for many cons these days, including some of the ones I work with.

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