Interviews: Paul Rivoche

Earlier this week, Jeffery Klaehn posted a very comprehensive interview with artist Paul Rivoche. Check it out!

Jeffery Klaehn: As you’re certainly aware, the headquarters for the two largest North American comic book publishers, DC and Marvel Comics, are in New York. What’s it been like, working in the comic book industry while living in Canada?

Paul Rivoche: The geography has never made a huge difference, even less so in the present day, with the internet making it easy to deliver work, and before that Fedex doing the same thing. I couldn’t honestly claim to have ever have fully ‘worked in the comics industry’ in the true sense of that phrase, in terms of being a full-time artist. I’ve done a number of different things for comics, some stories, some covers, but purposely never fully committed to the US comics industry. I’ve spent much more of my career working in various areas of commercial art, notably animation design and, more recently, advertising art.

The Spirit #29, cover by Paul Rivoche