Von Allen’s Stargazer Volume 1

Stargazer is in the November Previews with an order code of NOV101057.  ISBN of 978-0-9781237-2-7, suggested retail price is $14.95 US/$15.95 CDN. 122 pages.  Black & White. There’s also a dedicated website for the book at http://stargazer.vonallan.com

“Stargazer Volume One is a black-and-white graphic novel following three girls stranded on a faraway alien world. Young Marni has recently lost her grandmother, with whom she was very close. Her grandmother had also bequeathed a mysterious “Artifact” upon her – and it is this object that transports Marni and her friends, Sophie and Elora, far away from any home they have ever known. The three girls must pool their courage and resources to learn more about this unreal new world, and the strange things within it – a robot, a faraway tower, and an unknown monster hidden in shadows. Stargazer is a story of wonder, exploration, determination, and inward as well as outward challenge, and is highly recommended for readers of all ages.”  (http://www.midwestbookreview.com/ibw/jul_10.htm#Comix/GraphicNovel)