December 8th, 2010 Releases featuring Canadian Creators

New Avengers #7 Cover by Stuart Immonen

5 Days To Die Trade Paperback
IDW US$19.99
Cover by David Finch.

The Flash #7
DC US$2.99
Cover by Francis Manapul. DC 75th Anniversary Cover by Darwyn Cooke.

Knight & Squire #3
DC US$3.99
Cover by Yanick Paquette. Cover Inks by Michel Lacombe. Cover Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.

Mystery Society #5 Cover by Fiona Staples

Mystery Society #5
IDW US$3.99
Artwork, Colours and Cover by Fiona Staples.

New Avengers #7
Marvel US$3.99
Artwork and Cover by Stuart Immonen.
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Northlanders #35
DC/vertigo US$2.99
Colours by Dave McCaig.

The Flash #7 Cover by Francis Manapul

Orc Stain Vol. 1 Trade Paperback
Image US$17.99
Written, Artwork, Colours and Cover by James Stokoe.

Pantheon Trade Paperback
IDW US$19.99
Artwork by Steve Molnar.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #23
DC US$2.99
Artwork by Claude St. Aubin.

Red Robin #18 Cover by Marcus To

Red Robin #18
DC US$2.99
Artwork and Cover by Marcus To.

Shadowland: After The Fall #1
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by David Finch.
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Spawn: Origins Deluxe Edition Vol. 2 Hardcover
Image US$100.00
Written and Artwork by Todd McFarlane.

The Flash #7 DC 75th Anniversary Cover by Darwyn Cooke

Stan Lee’s Starborn #1
BOOM Studios US$3.99
Midtown Exclusive Homage Variant Cover by Paul Rivoche

Star Wars: Legacy Vol. 10: Extremes Trade Paperback
Dark Horse US$15.99
Colours by Brad Anderson.

Superboy #2
DC US$2.99
Written by Jeff Lemire.

Shadowland: After The Fall #1 Cover by David Finch

Sweet Tooth Vol. 2: In Captivity Trade Paperback
DC/Vertigo US$12.99
Written, Artwork and Cover by Jeff Lemire.

Torchwood #5
Titan Comics US$3.99
Artwork by Pia Guerra.

Knight & Squire #3 Cover by Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe and Nathan Fairbairn

Widowmaker #1
Marvel US$3.99
Colours by Nathan Fairbairn.
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X-Men Forever 2 #13
Marvel US$3.99
Cover by Tom Grummett.
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X-Men Forever 2 #13 Cover by Tom Grummett