MTV Splash Page announces their selections for the Best of 2010

MTV Splash Page’s BEST OF 2010: Comic Books, Webcomics, And Graphic Novels
The list includes a couple of entries by Canadians:

“Orc Stain” by James Stokoe (Image Comics)
If you’re not reading writer and illustrator James Stokoe’s impossibly detailed fantasy epic “Orc Stain,” you’re missing out on one of the best monthly titles currently on stands. Set in a world populated by vicious orcs and other snarling beasts, “Orc Stain” tells the tale of One-Eye, a jaded orc who can crack any safe with one tap of his trusty hammer. One-Eye’s continued attempts to carve out a slice of normalcy for himself in an otherwise blood-strewn world isn’t just a relatable tale, it’s an eye-melting one thanks to Stokoe’s remarkable attention to detail on the visual and world-building levels.
– JW

“Parker: The Outfit” by Darwyn Cooke (IDW Publishing)
Last year, we basically invented this category to call out one of our favorite books of the year, Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning adaptation of “Parker: The Hunter,” the first “Parker” novel by Richard Stark (the pen name of author Donald Westlake). This year, however, we found ourselves faced with a number of books that not only fit the category, but were great titles in themselves. However, in the end we had to give it to Cooke’s “Parker” once again, as the second installment of his series, “Parker: The Outfit” continued to stand head and shoulders above all challengers. Featuring more of the same beautiful art, gritty tone, and wonderful attention to detail that makes Cooke one of the most sought-after creators in the industry, “The Outfit” is unlike anything else published this year… in the best possible way.