Somehow it all just comes together in the end… JSA Update 1/16

* Originally posted on 1/14 – revised and updated 1/16

The English nominating committee has submitted their choices for the categories of Artist, Cartoonist, Colourist, Cover Artist & Writer. All entries have been received and tabulated and we have our nominees for 2011.  Our five member French nominating committee got started a little later this year on the same categories — they have an extra 2 weeks to make their selections. In the end we will be looking at an average of 7 nominees per category – 5 English, 2 French. Although we would prefer to have five nominees per category, we feel it’s a fair split and gives proper representation to the two main Canadian comics traditions.

Our deadline for the Publisher and Webcomics selections is next Wednesday, January 19.

We’ve decided that the proposed Executive Choice Graphic Novel Award is not the way we want to go, as it would undermine the importance of our core awards. However, there is talk of making it into something different which I think is actually much better in the long run. Stay tuned on that.

Our Gene Day Self-Publisher Award committee has a few late admissions to review – please note that we are still accepting books until the end of the month. We have been assembling our choices based on what we have reviewed, we’ll bump them around if there are new arrivals that the committee likes.

The Comics for Kids administrators are, as far as I know, hard at work picking their selections.

The 2 Hall of Fame inductees for 2011 have been selected.

10 Canadian Retailers have been selected for further evaluation by the Harry Kremer Retailer Award committee. They will be notified this month and announced in early February. They will be asked to submit further materials for evaluation in the spring to narrow the field down to a top 5.