US Comics Industry happenings…

So Wizard magazine is being cancelled, and the magazine’s staff has been fired. Not too shocking (the cancellation), it seemed lacking when they changed to a slightly larger format and the publishers slowly abandoned it. It must be tough coming up with Top 10 lists every month. People have been predicting this for a couple of years now…. too bad about the people being fired and not shifted to the also announced digital pop culture mag “Wizard World”.

Update (by Robert): In a turn of events I did not see coming, Wizard World is going to be a publicly traded company. I don’t know anything about ‘pink sheets’, but based on the comments section I think that’s just about right for Wizard. I wonder if the guys working the Wizard cons will get paid in stock?

Update (by Kevin): To be honest, I pretty much ignored that press release because it was a deflection of the major news of the day, the cancellation of the magazine. The press release doesn’t even mention it. Newsarama had to actually chase down a Wizard rep to get the confirmation statement that not only Wizard but also Toyfare magazine were cancelled.

DC and Archie dropped the comics code. Must not have been many people working at the code – one guy could read all of the Archie and DC releases coming out in a month. Now some poor schlub is out of a job. Wouldn’t that have been a great job? Free comics months before everyone else gets to read them, and you could screw with them if you didn’t like them. Awesome. I feel for that jobless guy. An afterthought decision at this point though, as the code was about as relevant as Leave it to Beaver. If the code wanted to be relevant they could have taken the initiative and adopted a more stylish symbol to make people aware they still existed, like the video game industry did.

Update (by Kevin): Here I am lamenting the loss of employment for one guy, and it turns out there may not have actually been anyone at the wheel of the comics code. Newsarama learned from Archie that they had stopped submitting books over a year ago, but continued to use the seal. Was this also the case with DC? Was it just a rubber stamp?